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As Tennessee's leading vision correction specialists, it goes without saying that we offer our patients only the most advanced technology available for the peace of mind you deserve…iLASIK. This All-Laser procedure combines the advanced IntraLase Femtosecond laser with the VISX Star S4™ excimer laser to provide patients with a procedure so safe and precise that even NASA has approved it for U.S. Astronauts. This advanced treatment platform can treat a broad range of vision imperfections, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. iLASIK's CustomVue technology allows every procedure to be completely personalized for each patients' eye, leading to outstanding visual results. This amazing technology and Loden Vision Centers' team of highly trained surgeons is the perfect combination of experience and technology that have led to excellent results for thousands of happy iLASIK patients.

iLASIK – More Safety and Accuracy with No Metal Blade
Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that at Loden Vision Centers, iLASIK is 100% all laser. Unlike traditional LASIK, where the first step is to create a flap with a hand-held mechanical blade called a microkeratome, iLASIK with Loden Vision is 100% blade free. While traditional LASIK with a blade is outdated and not as safe as All-Laser iLASIK, some surgeons still use this technique.

Always at the forefront of technology, it's no surprise that Loden Vision Centers was the first in Tennessee to offer patients advanced iLASIK for increased accuracy and safety with no metal blade. iLASIK allows Dr. Loden and his team of experts unprecedented control and precision during your procedure for outstanding visual outcomes.

Intralase vs. Microkeratome

In "old technique LASIK," a handheld mechanical device called a microkeratome uses a metal blade to cut into the surface of the eye to create a flap. Unfortunately, this is how many surgeons still perform LASIK.

In iLASIK the metal blade is replaced with a laser called IntraLase. IntraLase iFS creates the flap in the first step of the procedure, with the safety and accuracy of a computer controlled, cold beam laser. This is a much safer and more predictable approach to laser vision correction.

Your iLASIK Treatment

Step 1: Capture
WaveScan technology was first developed by scientists for use in high powered telescopes to help reduce distortions. At Loden Vision Centers we use the same sophisticated WaveScan technology to "capture" your individual prescription and the aberrations that are unique to your vision. A map of each eye is created by measuring reflected light waves as they pass through your visual system. The information we gather in this simple, painless test is 25 times more accurate than the standard testing used to measure your prescription for glasses and contacts.

During your All-Laser LASIK treatment, the Iris Registration technology is used to create a very detailed image of your iris (the colored area of your eye), making it possible for Dr. Loden to perfectly align your eye during surgery. Since no two irises are exactly the same, Iris Registration also ensures that the correct prescription is matched to the correct patient. No other technology available today offers this level of security for our patients.

Step 2: IntraLase
The IntraLase Femtosecond laser gently creates a thin corneal "flap" with more safety and predictability that the metal blade used in traditional LASIK.

Step 3: Match
Dr. Loden utilizes your individual WaveScan map to create a treatment plan to give you an optimal visual result. This plan is computer-matched to the exact prescription needed to give you a precise result The Wave Scan's digital information component is then transferred to the VISX Star S4™ Excimer laser system, providing you with an increased level of precision and accuracy.

Step 4: Treat
The cornea is precisely reshaped using the advanced VISX Star S4™ excimer laser, guided by Dr. Loden utilizing the data from your personalized map. The treatment is designed to correct your unique profile of both lower and higher order aberrations at the same time giving you better visual acuity both during the day and at night.

Take the next step and find out if you're a candidate for this exciting technology! Your FREE iLASIK Consultation is just a phone call away!

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