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5 Ways to Combat Cataracts (Before You Get Them)

It’s common to think that cataracts are a fact of life, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While yes, some people end up with cataracts no matter what they do, others can avoid them with some lifestyle changes. Follow these simple tips to reduce your chances of getting cataracts. Not only will these tips make… Read More

All You Have to Do is Look Up!

by David O. Carrico, OD   The 2017 Solar Eclipse: Important Eye Safety UPDATE: Loden Vision Eclipse Safety Glasses are out of Stock We have given away over 10,000 pairs of safety glasses for the eclipse in less than two weeks! Unfortunately, our supply has run out at all locations. The turnout was phenomenal and we are… Read More

Many thanks to Doctor Loden and his amazing staff! They made something that would otherwise be very intimidating very comforting. Their professionalism and service was off the charts. I am one day post surgery and am pain free and can see better than I have for twenty years. I would recommend them to anyone!

Hampton B.

I am so thankful to Dr. Loden. My results from my LASIK surgery were instant. I don't have hardly any vision distortion and it 1 day post surgery, it will just keep getting better each day. I see better now than I've ever been able to with glasses or contacts. I so recommend Dr Loden!!!

Kim C.

Provided by Citysearch - Thanks to Dr. Loden and his staff. I had ILASIK yesterday with the guarantee that I would have 20/20 or better. Now it's the day after and sure enough I have 20/20 in both eyes and Dr. Loden says ""it will only get better."" Everything he has said has been spot on so there is no need to doubt him now. His staff was the nicest people I've ever met in a business environment. If anyone deserves a award it would be Loden Vision Center.