Do you hate glasses? Are you frustrated with the time it takes to put in your contact lenses daily?

Look no further if you're looking for a form of vision correction that will make your life easier. Loden Vision Centers is now offering the revolutionary EVO Visian ICL to patients who want to correct their vision and see clearly.

What is the EVO Visian ICL?

The EVO Visian ICL is an implantable collamer lens that's placed in your eye behind the iris. Collamer is a biocompatible material that works in harmony with your eye's natural chemistry.

If you suffer from dry eyes, you won't have to worry about the EVO Visian ICL worsening those symptoms. Collamer does not cause or contribute to dry eyes.

Because the EVO Visian ICL is placed behind the iris, you won't have to worry about reshaping your cornea or removing your natural lens. Instead, the EVO Visian ICL is an additive lens.

It's used to correct your vision in addition to what's already in your eye. Think of it like a permanent contact lens that, rather than sitting on the surface of your eye, instead sits behind your iris and provides you with crystal clear vision.

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Are You a Candidate for EVO Visian ICL?

Is this the vision correction you have been waiting for?

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Patients who have thin corneas or experience routine dry eyes who have been told they are not a candidate for LASIK or PRK might just be eligible for the EVO Visian ICL vision correction procedure. Call us to find out more.
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What Does a Good Candidate for the EVO Visian ICL Look Like?

The EVO Visian ICL is an excellent vision correction alternative if you've been told you don't qualify for LASIK. You may be a good fit for the EVO Visian ICL if:

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2 Million+

Lenses Implanted


Patient Satisfaction

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How is the EVO Visian ICL Different Compared to Other Vision Correction Procedures?

Although the EVO Visian ICL is a fantastic way to correct your vision, it's slightly different from other vision correction procedures like LASIK. One of the most significant differences is that with the EVO Visian ICL, you don't have to worry about permanently altering your eyes.

During LASIK, a small but precise amount of tissue is removed from the cornea to correct refractive errors. But with the EVO Visian ICL, there's no tissue removed or reshaping that occurs.

Instead, the procedure places the EVO Visian ICL in your eye behind your iris. If for any reason, you want to remove it, you can.

Another difference is that the EVO Visian ICL can only correct for nearsightedness and astigmatism. If you're farsighted, you may want to talk to your eye doctor about another vision correction procedure.

Finally, the EVO Visian ICL is the only reversible vision correction procedure. Because the procedure does not reshape your eye, you can have it taken out.

This is especially helpful if you need cataract surgery to have an IOL put in your eye when you're older. With the EVO Visian ICL, you can look forward to seeing the world in crisp, robust color.

If everything feels like it's in high definition, that's because you're seeing the world with vision that's better than anything you had with visual aids.

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Lens Insertion

Post-Op & Check Up

Patients are Happy with their results

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Ready to find out if you're a good EVO Visian ICL candidate?

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Hampton B. Speech Bubble Photo

Many thanks to Doctor Loden and his amazing staff! They made something that would otherwise be very intimidating very comforting. Their professionalism and service was off the charts. I am one day post surgery and am pain free and can see better than I have for twenty years. I would recommend them to anyone!

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Hampton B.
Kim C. Speech Bubble Photo

I am so thankful to Dr. Loden. My results from my LASIK surgery were instant. I don't have hardly any vision distortion and it 1 day post surgery, it will just keep getting better each day. I see better now than I've ever been able to with glasses or contacts. I so recommend Dr. Loden!!!

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Kim C.
Darien200 Speech Bubble Photo

Provided by Citysearch - Thanks to Dr. Loden and his staff. I had LASIK yesterday with the guarantee that I would have 20/20 or better. Now it's the day after and sure enough I have 20/20 in both eyes and Dr. Loden says "it will only get better." Everything he has said has been spot on so there is no need to doubt him now. His staff was the nicest people I've ever met in a business environment. If anyone deserves a award it would be Loden Vision Center.

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