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Are you in your forties or older and starting to notice increasing difficulty when reading? At Loden Vision Centers, we offer many options for vision correction, including the newest advancement in presbyopia correction, Vuity eye drops. 

What Are Vuity Eye Drops?

Vuity is a prescription eye drop that can help improve near vision in people who are presbyopic. Presbyopia is a refractive error caused by a loss of elasticity in the eye’s natural lens. Most people begin noticing these vision changes in their early forties, worsening as time goes on. The Vuity eye drop is the first and only FDA-approved drop for the treatment of presbyopia. 

After instilling the Vuity drops in your eyes, you will notice an improvement in your vision at near while still maintaining your distance vision. These eye drops work by reducing your pupil size to provide clearer near vision. Most eye doctors prescribe Vuity to be used once daily in each eye. If you are using any other prescription or over-the-counter drops, you will need to wait at least five minutes in between drops. Contact lens wearers can also use Vuity eye drops. If you wear contact lenses, you will need to take your contacts out before instilling the Vuity eye drops. You will also have to wait at least ten minutes after instilling the Vuity eye drops before putting your contact lenses in. After using the Vuity eye drops, you can expect to see results in your near vision within fifteen minutes. 

The eye drops will work to improve your near vision for up to six hours. In some cases, it may take a few days to weeks for your eyes to adjust and for you to see the maximum potential of the drops. 

Am I a Good Candidate For The Vuity Eye Drops?

If you are interested in trying Vuity eye drops, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at Loden Vision Centers. During this appointment, your eye doctor will do a thorough examination of your eyes. At this visit, you should discuss any problems you are having with your vision with your eye doctor. It is also important to express your vision goals are during this visit. Your eye doctor will let you know if they think you are a good candidate for the Vuity eye drops and discuss your vision correction options. The Vuity eye drops are not made to be a replacement for over-the-counter readers or other methods of presbyopia correction.

How Do I Get Vuity Eye Drops?

You can only receive Vuity eye drops through a prescription from your eye doctor. In order to obtain a prescription, you must visit your eye doctor for an eye exam. At this eye exam, your eye doctor will confirm whether or not you would be a good candidate for the Vuity Eye Drops. If you are, they will send in a prescription, and you will be able to pick up the Vuity at the pharmacy of your choosing. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Vuity can improve your vision? Schedule an appointment at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, today!

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