What Happens if I Don’t Treat My Cataracts?

What Happens if I Don’t Treat My Cataracts?

For many, vision loss associated with cataracts is just a part of aging, along with gray hair and wrinkles. In most cases, cataracts begin to develop after the age of 40, with the chance of cataracts developing increasing with age. What Is A Cataract? A cataract develops when the natural lens of the eye becomes… Read More

7 Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

You’ve got an appointment for a LASIK consultation, and it’s time to come up with the questions to ask your prospective surgeon to find out if they are the right fit for you. Read on for 7 questions to ask, and the answers you should receive. 1. How long have you been performing refractive surgery?… Read More

Traditional vs. Modern Cataract Surgery

50 percent of people over the age of 60 develop cataracts. Even though it is a common condition, the effect cataracts have on vision can be debilitating. Luckily, there is an option for people with cataracts — having the cataract removed, and the lens replaced with an artificial one. Cataract surgery is a relatively simple… Read More

Is Your Cornea Thick Enough for LASIK?

If you’re tired of having to wear glasses or contacts, you may be considering LASIK surgery. LASIK is a good option for people to correct their vision in a permanent way and most adults in good health qualify. However, there are some factors that may make LASIK surgery potentially harmful— one of the big ones… Read More

Can LASIK Get Rid of Floaters?

LASIK surgery is only used to fix a few problems, but those few problems happen to be extremely common. While LASIK is certainly amazing at what it’s used for, it can’t fix everything. There is a big misconception that LASIK can be used to correct a multitude of vision problems or diseases, and this, unfortunately,… Read More

Many thanks to Doctor Loden and his amazing staff! They made something that would otherwise be very intimidating very comforting. Their professionalism and service was off the charts. I am one day post surgery and am pain free and can see better than I have for twenty years. I would recommend them to anyone!

Hampton B.

I am so thankful to Dr. Loden. My results from my LASIK surgery were instant. I don't have hardly any vision distortion and it 1 day post surgery, it will just keep getting better each day. I see better now than I've ever been able to with glasses or contacts. I so recommend Dr Loden!!!

Kim C.

Provided by Citysearch - Thanks to Dr. Loden and his staff. I had ILASIK yesterday with the guarantee that I would have 20/20 or better. Now it's the day after and sure enough I have 20/20 in both eyes and Dr. Loden says ""it will only get better."" Everything he has said has been spot on so there is no need to doubt him now. His staff was the nicest people I've ever met in a business environment. If anyone deserves a award it would be Loden Vision Center.