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Bladeless LASIK vs. Traditional LASIK

What are the benefits of Bladeless LASIK versus traditional LASIK?

Replacing the metal blade with a laser considerably increases the accuracy of the procedure and can minimize certain complications that can happen when a blade is used to create the flap.

Because the flap is created with the accuracy of a cool beam laser, Dr. Loden and his team are able to create the flap with more predictability and precision than ever before.3 Plus, with LASIK, your procedure will be 100% personalized for your eyes leading to outstanding outcomes.

How is LASIK personalized for my eyes?

Just like no two fingerprints are identical, no two eyes are identical either. Because every patient’s eyes are unique, in order to get the best results, your LASIK treatment must be as well. With LASIK, we’re able to take a “fingerprint” or map of your eyes that measures abnormalities that cannot be treated by either traditional LASIK technology or glasses or contacts. In fact, this map is 25 times more accurate than a typical vision test performed when you get glasses or contact lenses. This unique map is used during your treatment for a truly customized procedure and outstanding visual results. In fact, many LASIK patients report better vision than they had with their glasses and contacts!

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