Which is more expensive in the long run?

Are you still considering the pros and cons of LASIK eye surgery? If you’re like many people, the cost of LASIK might be preventing you from having it done. Spending thousands of dollars on anything is a big commitment. Then again, have you considered the cost of not having LASIK? It turns out that spending on other eye care-related expenses might cost you more money over time.

Paying the Annual Costs of contact lenses and glasses

The truth is that spending on eye exams, new eyeglass frames, replacement lenses, contacts, drops, and solutions adds up over time. While it might seem like you’re not spending as much money, the reality is that the hundreds of dollars you’re spending now will add up to thousands over the years.

Think of it this way: You might pay around $500 a year on eye care, which sounds like a relatively average annual expense. However, over a 10-year period, that annual expense ends up totaling over $5,000! And that’s just an average. If you have a habit of breaking glasses or tearing contact lenses, you may spend a LOT more than that over time. You could be spending that money on a LASIK procedure that will help eliminate the hassle and ongoing expenses.

To calculate these expenses for yourself, check out Loden Vision Centers™’ Eye Care Costs Calculator. Loden Vision Centers offers individualized financing for as little as $149 per month and a variety of payment options to make LASIK even more manageable for your budget. When you take these average costs into consideration, LASIK just makes sense!

Paying for the hassle of glasses and contacts

Aside from the hefty annual costs of eye care-related expenses, you end up paying for daily hassles as well. For starters, there’s the cost of convenience. Contact lens wearers have to deal with the struggle of taking out their contacts every single night before bed. Inevitably, you’ll leave them in one night and wake up with dry and scratchy eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to forego the contact lens process every day and just wake up with clear vision? Going on vacation or even a weekend trip can be less than relaxing when you need to bring a backup pair of lenses or glasses, or end up damaging them during the trip.

The cost of maintenance is something to consider as well. Just a scratch on your glasses or contacts can create an unexpected cost for you. It’s pretty difficult to keep your glasses or lenses pristine, and you’ll inevitably need to replace them at some point. You could even break your glasses entirely (your glasses are NO match for your 4 year old or Tuesday night soccer league!) and end up having to pay for new frames and lenses that you never budgeted for.


When you really consider the costs of glasses and contact lenses over time, LASIK just makes cents. While LASIK does require an investment on your part, the long-term savings can pay off in the long run. One of the best parts of putting your money into LASIK is the reward you get from removing the hassle and frustrations of glasses and contacts. You can live a life of JOY with clear vision and without worrying about scratches, damages, and unexpected costs.
How Loden Vision Centers Can Help

At Loden Vision Centers, we want to help you experience the JOY of clear vision, no matter what your budget is. We offer convenient payment options and work with you to help you fit the advanced LASIK procedure into your lifestyle To learn more about Loden Vision Centers and the LASIK™ procedure, visit our website. You can also schedule your FREE* LASIK exam online or call (615) 559-4242 to see the value that LASIK can bring to your life.

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