It’s no lie that surgeries can be scary and expensive. Some people not only fear the price tag that comes with them, but the risk of complications or injury can be unsettling. However, with advancements in technology, it is possible to safely and effectively correct your vision without breaking your piggy bank. So the question is, is LASIK really worth it?

Bad Vision Costs Too

To some, the term, “quality of life improvement” may bring to mind a nice television or a boat. However, many people with naturally good vision don’t understand how difficult life can be when you can’t distinguish leaves on a tree from a green blob.

Glasses or contacts may correct the problem but they come with their own problems. Contacts may cause pain or discomfort during placement or removal, and are a constant drain on the bank account as they need to be replaced often. Some studies even show that contacts can damage your eyes by bringing in foreign bacteria.

Glasses are inconvenient, can interfere with activities or sports, and many don’t like the way they look with them. There’s also the fact that prescriptions don’t last forever, so even if the glasses aren’t broken or lost, they may still have to be replaced. And how about the stress of trying to go through the day without the ability to see if the glasses or contacts are lost? For some people it’s more than annoying, it can be dangerous or at the very least completely prevent them from doing anything.

Let’s Talk About LASIK

So maybe glasses and contacts aren’t that great, but LASIK is dangerous, right? Well, with advancements in technology, laser eye surgery is safer and more effective than ever. Most complications that occur are extremely rare, and generally clear up within the first 6 months. If you live in or near Nashville, the eye care specialists at Loden Vision Center have an awesome team ready to get you seeing clearly again.

Like any surgery, the upfront cost of LASIK can seem daunting, but if you calculate how much is spent on contacts, or glasses, or frequent checkups, you may find that LASIK is more economically sound than the alternatives. That’s not even including the intangible benefits of improving your life.

LASIK is a life-changing option for patients with certain vision problems.If you’re ready for freedom from bad sight and from uncomfortable eyewear, get in touch with Loden Vision Center today and set up an appointment!