Woman with cataracts considering surgery

When you look at lights, do you see halos around them? Have you been noticing that colors look faded?

These are signs that you could be developing cataracts. Deciding that it is time to get cataract surgery is a big choice. The thought of getting any kind of surgery can be nerve-wracking.

Keep reading for a few reasons why it may be time for cataract surgery!

Blurry Vision

One of the most common signs of having a cataract is blurry vision. You may also notice glare around light and see colors with less clarity.

To determine how severe your cataracts are, your eye doctor will do a range of tests. They will look at the thickness of your cataract, review your glare and vision tests and how your eye refracts light.

For some patients, getting a new glasses prescription can solve their vision problems. This doesn’t always fix the problem.

Deciding how to solve your vision issues is up to you and your doctor. Another symptom of cataracts is that you see halos around lights at night.

It is possible to experience these symptoms without a cataract diagnosis. Some patients decide to get cataract surgery because it affects their night vision.

Quality of Life

Having cataracts affects your life and interests, and decreases your quality of life. When glasses and contacts do not help, surgery can be the best option.

Many people may not want cataract surgery at first. But the other options aren’t much better either!

Failing your driving test or getting injured because you cannot see is much worse. If your quality of life starts suffering, it’s time to consider cataract surgery.


The aging process can affect your vision. It can be hard to know if the changes you are experiencing are due to age or cataracts.

For most patients, cataracts develop over a period of many years. Getting regular eye exams is the best way to understand what is going on with your eyes.

Adults 64 and under need exams every two years and adults 65 or order need annual exams. Once we turn 80, half of our peers will already have cataracts!

Having Many Eye Conditions

Some patients have cataracts and other eye conditions. In some cases, getting cataract surgery can fix both conditions. For patients with a second condition, having cataracts may make the second condition harder to treat.

For some, getting cataract surgery solves both problems. Cataracts can make it challenging for your doctor to see the back of your eye. Conditions that affect the back of your eye include diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration.

Both Eyes Have Cataracts

If you have cataracts in both eyes, doctors recommend only operating on one eye at a time. This is usually the eye that is hardest to see out of.

Operating on both eyes is dangerous, and makes the recovery process harder. Patients are also more likely to fall down while their eyes are healing.

When patients have one cataract removed, they may not want to have the second one removed. It’s understandable, as the patient just went through the recovery process.

But getting cataract surgery in both eyes is the best option! This leads to clear vision in both eyes and freedom from cataracts.

Are you ready to think about booking your cataract surgery? Talking with your doctor is the best way to come up with the best course of action for treating your cataracts.

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