Cataracts are almost always associated with older generations. When people are asked about eye diseases that occur in old age, cataracts is always on the list. Contrary to popular belief, this disease does not just affect the elderly – it can affect younger people in the form of early onset cataracts.

While early onset cataracts are not common, it is important to know the causes, warning signs, and treatment options for early onset cataracts. Here at Loden Vision Centers, we take symptoms of cataracts at any age very seriously. We always aim to increase our patient’s quality of life, offering the best technology that Tennessee can provide.

Cataracts in Youth and Young Adults

A cataract is formed when the natural clear lens in the eye begins to cloud and become foggy. This clouding makes it impossible for light to come into the eye, leading to blurring and eventual blindness. It is closely associated with genetic factors as well as environmental factors.

Common causes of early onset cataracts (below age 40) include having poorly-controlled medical conditions like hypertension, eczema and diabetes, chronic use of steroid medications, previous eye trauma, and family history of early onset cataracts. A metabolic disease like hyperparathyroidism is also linked to early development of the disease.

On the other hand, pediatric or congenital cataracts are primarily caused by mutation in the genes of the proteins that code the structure of the lens. It can also be found at birth if the mother contracts diseases such as measles, influenza, or rubella during pregnancy. Acquired cataracts in children are primarily caused by trauma, specifically blunt eye injuries.

Environmental factors can also promote early onset cataracts. These include chronic exposure to UV rays (which many airline pilots experience) and regular exposure to microwaves, satellites, or radio waves.

Early onset cataracts and pediatric cataracts generally make themselves known through development of blurry vision. While these instances can be initially alleviated by adequate lighting, eventually these visual difficulties become so pronounced that surgery may be the best solution.

If you have the risk factors mentioned, Loden Vision Centers in Tennessee encourage you to give us a call so that our highly-skilled eye surgeons can best cater to your inquiries and come up with a mutually agreed care plan, ensuring your best vision and comfort.

If you have the risk factors listed above, Loden Vision Center in Tennessee is here to help. Attending regular eye examinations at all ages with help our doctors to catch the early development of cataracts, allowing them to keep track of development and provide any visual aids until surgery is necessary.

Removing Early Onset Cataracts

Cataract surgery is the single full-stop solution to cataracts. Loden Vision Center takes pride in the healing and capable hands of our expert eye surgeons. If you live in Nashville, Tennessee, Loden Vision Center is right here in your neighborhood and is home to some of the best technology and expertise in the country.

Unlike the previous surgical practice wherein surgeons wait for a specific period of time to begin operation, Loden Vision Centers is proudly equipped with the laser technology, capable of removing cataracts at any stage of its development. The recovery period is impressive, generally around 24 hours compared to traditional cataract surgeries which can take weeks.

If you or someone you love in Tennessee have symptoms consistent with early onset cataracts, call Loden Vision. There’s not a greater thing that we wish for you than the best vision possible through our 100% customized cataract laser technology. Call today!