Our vision is one of the most important senses that we have, and our eyes deserve the best treatment to keep our vision on track. If you are having problems with your vision, or are simply looking to take eyeglasses and contacts out of the equation, you may already be considering getting LASIK Surgery in Goodlettsville or Nashville, Tennessee. But how do you know if you’re talking to the right people and asking them the right questions to make the best decision for your eye health? Here at Loden Vision, we want you to be equipped with the right questions to ask your surgeon and understand what answers to be looking for. And, when you are ready, we invite you to come to Loden Vision Centers to discuss your questions about LASIK eye surgery!

Here are some questions you should be asking before getting your LASIK Surgery in Tennessee:

How long have you been doing LASIK and other eye surgeries?

Your choice of surgeon can dictate the result of your whole LASIK surgery experience, so it’s necessary to choose only the best. How would you know it from the start? Check his or her track record. Ask your surgeon for additional credentials aside from the basic criteria of graduating from medical school, performing ophthalmology residency program, and becoming board certified. Look for additional training certificates, membership to professional associations and maybe some recognition awards.

What you’re looking for is experience and expertise. Look an ophthalmologist who has performed LASIK surgery on a large number of people, and has years of experience. Our ophthalmologists at Loden Vision Centers have years of qualified experience and a wide range of qualifications that help them stand out from the crowd. Check out our doctors’ page to see for yourself!

What kind of LASIK are you going to perform?

Not all LASIK surgeries are the same. While they all use laser technology, the old and outdated procedure uses a handheld metal blade, called a microkeratome, to create a flap by cutting into the cornea. The latest LASIK technology, LASIK, is now done blade-free! This is the LASIK Surgery being done here at Loden Vision Centers to ensure the best results for our patients. Instead of a blade, we create a corneal flap using an IntraLase laser. Thanks to LASIK, this procedure has never been so accurate or safe!

Ensure your surgeon uses only the best technology for any LASIK surgeries. You deserve it.

What results can I expect?

The success rate for LASIK or LASIK in general is high. That means successful operations are almost sure to expect. However, clarify further as to how significant your visual improvement can be; ask questions regarding whether you will still need for contacts or glasses, and how often. While this may depend on your situation, the answer may also depend on your surgeon’s confidence and skills. Try to look for the best, yet reasonable, response.

How do you take care of complications?

As mentioned, LASIK is generally safe and results to success. However, occasional complications do occur. It’s vital to find a surgeon that is confident in their capacity to address these situations, should they occur. Surgeons with the most experience can not only handle the complication better, but are likely ensure it won’t happen in the first place!

Choose Loden Vision Centers of Tennessee for your LASIK eye surgery!

As we take care of our eyes, we encourage you to carefully choose your surgeon and clinic to ensure safety and successful result, while maintaining high accuracy rate. As the first clinic to perform LASIK Surgery in Tennessee, we can assure you that we can answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need before deciding to take the path to a better vision. We have convenient offices throughout Tennessee, such as in Nashville, Gallatin, and Paris, where we want to make your LASIK experience the best possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!