Woman saving her money for LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you thinking about getting LASIK? One of the things that can make people less likely to get LASIK is the cost.

Getting surgery is a big deal! It’s common to debate the pros and cons of if a procedure like LASIK is worth it or not. Continue reading to understand why LASIK is a worthwhile investment!

Save Money Over Time

The cost of LASIK can often scare patients off. LASIK can seem expensive, but it will actually save you money over time.

When you get LASIK, you are investing in two things. The first is your quality of life and the second is you’re investing in your health.

Getting LASIK Is Cheaper Than Contacts

Getting LASIK is an upfront cost, which can make it seem too expensive. But the crazy thing is, over time, LASIK is cheaper than paying for contact lenses or glasses.

On average, patients spend about $500 a year on glasses, contacts, and accessories. This adds up, especially with all the extra costs.

These costs include extra contacts, seeing the eye doctor, and replacing broken glasses. Think about how much you’re paying for those costs over the course of forty to fifty years!

Now think about the fact that most LASIK patients have their procedure paid off after about 3 years.

Better Quality of Life After LASIK

Another benefit of getting LASIK is that it will improve your quality of life. There are millions of tiny things that make life better when you have LASIK!

The most obvious one is that most LASIK patients no longer need glasses or contacts at all to see. After LASIK, play sports without worrying about losing contacts or breaking glasses.

Say goodbye to worrying about forgetting your contacts while packing for vacation. After LASIK, your life will be simpler and you will have fewer worries. Little improvements in your life can make a big difference!

Financial Options

Most patients love their LASIK eye surgery results. But how can you make LASIK affordable enough to fit into your budget?

Health Insurance

Most insurance companies do not cover LASIK and have it listed as an elective procedure. It never hurts to check with your provider to be sure.

Some health insurance plans have supplemental coverage, which is worth asking about. Sometimes, supplemental coverage will cover part of a LASIK procedure.

Health or Flex Spending Accounts

Health and flex spending accounts are common in employer benefits packages. For example, you can use them on things like medical bills and copayments.

Every pay period, a set amount from your paycheck is deposited into the account. Usually, you need to spend the money within the year.

If you don’t, then you lose the money. Additionally, a reason to open an HSA or FSA is that the money deposited is pre-tax. This means you can pay for LASIK or most of the cost tax-free!

Financing Options

Many LASIK practices offer financing options to patients to make the procedure affordable. We offer our patients Alphaeon and the CareCredit credit card.

Both options make LASIK more affordable and easier to pay for. Now you can’t say that LASIK isn’t affordable!

Tax Refund

Using your tax refund on LASIK is a great investment in yourself. You’ll improve your life forever, and using your tax refund will make it more affordable.

Knowing how you’re going to pay for LASIK reduces the stress of having the procedure.

Are you ready to see if LASIK is worth the cost? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN now!