Young people celebrating the new year

Are you still trying to figure out what your New Year’s resolutions are? Are you unsure of how to start the new year off on a positive note?

The most impactful way to start off a new year is to do something that improves your quality of life or health. A procedure that accomplishes both of these things is getting LASIK eye surgery.

There are so many reasons why New Year’s is the perfect time to get LASIK. First of all, LASIK will keep improving your life forever! What a great resolution to make!

Unlike other seasons, winter is a season where most people want to be warm and stay cozy indoors. This makes it easier to relax and let your eyes heal.

LASIK like any other surgery requires recovery time. Patients still need to take the time to relax to let their eyes heal. Keep reading to find out why LASIK should be your New Year’s resolution!

Enjoy More Winter Activities

During the winter, activities tend to be outside. What’s not so fun is having to deal with these activities with glasses and contacts.

Even walking outside in the winter isn’t the best because of dry eye. Imagine how great snowboarding, skiing, or ice skating would be without glasses or contacts!

Indoor activities in the winter are better too. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by the fire with mulled cider without worrying about your eyes drying out because of your contacts? These are just a few of the many winter activities that are better after LASIK.

Improved Vision

For most patients, the best benefit of LASIK is most have 20/20 or 20/40 vision after LASIK! They get these results thanks to the technology used in the procedure.

It is so precise that patients see huge improvements. 2020 may have already started but it’s not too late to fix that.

Close your eyes and see it. A world without glasses and contacts is possible!

Eye Relief

When you are using your glasses, do they fall down your nose or do your contacts irritate your eyes? Now think about what it would be like without these issues. LASIK relieves your eyes.

With LASIK, you can get up in the morning and go about your life. No more worrying about your eyes getting dry from contacts or where you placed your glasses.

You will be able to watch TV or sports and your eyes will be more comfortable.

Reduce Your Health Expenses

When you have to spend money on contacts, contact solution, and glasses, it’s expensive. LASIK does have an upfront cost, but over time it will save you money.

Getting LASIK lets you save money and reduce your health-related expenses. On average, most people spend at least $500 per year on glasses, contacts, and eye accessories.

With LASIK, you no longer have to buy these things. After a few years, LASIK even starts to pay for itself! Think about it!

You could have $500 extra in your pocket every year because of having LASIK. What would you do with an extra $500 every year?

Travel Better

LASIK makes traveling so much better. You no longer need to worry about packing or forgetting all your contact supplies.

Getting LASIK makes packing simpler and lets you relax and enjoy being on vacation. Say goodbye to freaking out because you didn’t pack your spare glasses in a foreign country.

Hey, with that extra money LASIK saves you, you can go on more vacations as well! Who doesn’t love that?

Are you ready to improve your vision? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Loden Vision in Nashville, TN now!

2020 may have already started, but why should you go through the new year relying on glasses and contacts? LASIK is your first step to visual freedom!