Young couple smiling after LASIK

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery? Do you ever think about when the right time to get LASIK is?

Based on a variety of factors, fall is the best time to get LASIK eye surgery. Keep reading to learn why!

Avoid Too Much Sun By Having LASIK In The Fall

After getting LASIK, too much sun is annoying and uncomfortable. By waiting until the days are a little shorter, you will avoid some of the strongest rays and longest days.

This will let you be more comfortable after getting LASIK.

Things Are Calmer

We all know that summer is a crazy time due to increased travel and making sure the kids stay busy. If you do not feel calmer after summer, then maybe you’re doing too much!

For most people, life is calmer in the fall. It is important that before the holiday season you get in your LASIK appointment.

You won’t regret it when you have clear vision come Christmas and New Years Eve!

Dodge Spring Allergies

The worst allergy seasons are over with once fall rolls around. If you have springtime allergies, deciding to get LASIK in the spring is a bad idea.

It makes both the procedure and your recovery more challenging than they need to be. Get LASIK now to skip having itchy eyes this spring.

Also, if you wear contacts, getting LASIK in the spring is an even worse idea! The last thing you want to do is touch your eyes while putting in your contacts during spring allergies.

In the fall, you can say goodbye to contacts after undergoing LASIK. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Avoid Winter Dry Eye Problems

In the winter, the air is drier, and the heat is on blast. Your eyes may not like the changes and harsh weather.

If your eyes are sensitive to dry air, getting LASIK eye surgery in the fall is ideal. The air has more moisture and will make your recovery better.

Also, if you like to be outdoors in the colder weather, getting LASIK in the fall is smarter. This gives you plenty of time to recover and enjoy winter activities!

Take Part In Activities With More Ease

Glasses and contacts can get in your way of doing the activities you love. Whether it’s skiing in Vail or swimming in Florida, glasses can make life challenging.

Getting LASIK in the fall lets you take part in all the winter, spring, and summer activities you want. And you can do it all without worrying about your glasses or contacts!

Enjoy The Holiday Season

For the first time since you got glasses or contacts, it’s time to forget about them! Treat yourself to something this season. Why not make that improved vision?

Imagine life without glasses and/or contacts. You’ll be able to see clearly when you wake up. No need to worry about forgetting contact solution when traveling anymore!

You can go to parties and not feel self-conscious about wearing glasses in pictures. With LASIK you get to enjoy your life the way you imagine it.

Are you ready to get LASIK this fall? Find out if you’re a LASIK candidate!

Schedule a LASIK consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN today! Don’t wait to change your life for the better any longer!