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Contact lenses tend to be considered a necessity to those with vision problems today. They are lightweight, do not interfere with most activities, and are overall not very noticeable. Contact lenses can not only be used to correct vision, but they can also be aesthetically pleasing when colored lenses are added into the equation. However, the question still remains: how safe are contact lenses? Should we dare recommend them to our loved ones and friends? Or should we rely on LASIK, the holy grail of vision correction surgery?

Why Avoid Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are, on the whole, safe when used correctly. When contact lenses are not properly cared for, that’s when we have a problem.

If you are a person who cannot be bothered to keep up with the cleaning and care that contact lenses require, you are better off wearing glasses. Or, better yet, considering LASIK surgery! At Loden Vision, we strongly encourage our patients to practice proper contact lens care at all times. This is important for preventing infections, some of which can be very dangerous to your vision.

Contact lenses, aside from increasing your risk of eye infection, come with their own inconveniences. The care involved can be an inconvenience itself. Other inconveniences include losing them when they fall out of your eye, having to repurchase them, and getting a piece of sand stuck underneath them at the beach. Sound familiar?

Don’t even get us started on what it’s like to wear contact lenses during allergy season.

At Loden Vision, our number one priority is your vision and safety.Your happiness is also important to us. If you are having difficulty keeping up with the daily care needed for safe contact lens use, then we would love to talk to you about more options.

Long-term use of contact lenses can also affect the shape of your eye over time. This is why, before your LASIK consultation, you are asked to stop wearing contact for a certain amount of time. Contact lenses can affect the curvature of your eyes.

There is not telling what complications you may experience when using contact lenses. Chances are, you will experience no complications! However, we can guarantee you that there are more convenient options. Enter LASIK surgery.

LASIK for the Win!

LASIK surgery is the answer to all of your contact lens woes. Restoring your independence is generally the biggest draw – but what about safety?

There’s not denying that there are some complications possible after LASIK surgery. But, we would argue that LASIK surgery is much less of a risk than contact lens use. The reason is this: with contact lenses, you are constantly putting something in and out of your eye, and there is always a risk for infection. With LASIK surgery, you are virtually eliminating this possibility. After your LASIK recovery, you no longer have to worry about the constant threat of infection from contact lenses.

For any more questions about LASIK, call our office in Nashville TN, or schedule an appointment online with Loden Vision. What are you waiting for?