Love the idea of crisp, clear vision unfettered by glasses or contact lenses? 

Now is the perfect time to get LASIK. LASIK can give you the vision of your dreams, eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. Many people with refractive errors consider getting LASIK but don’t take any steps toward finding out more. 

Don’t let that be you! LASIK can change your life for the better, giving you total visual freedom. What’s not to love about that?

The sooner you get LASIK, the better. LASIK is permanent, so the younger you are when you have it, the more you can look forward to years of incredible vision! 

A few factors go into LASIK candidacy, like being at least 18 and having a stable prescription, so that’s why you should find out if you qualify for the procedure now. There’s no time like the present, after all!

This time of year is also great for getting LASIK because you can make the most of the season. Spring is the perfect time to test out your new and improved vision. 

When you get LASIK at Loden Vision Centers, you can take spring to new heights in Nashville, so keep reading to learn how!

Better Vision to See Nashville

You can appreciate where you live all the more when you have your best-ever vision. 96% of LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better! 

That means after LASIK, you won’t just be able to see without contacts or glasses, but you’ll be able to see better than you ever could, even when wearing corrective lenses. LASIK patients tend to have better depth and color perception, making the whole world look sharper and brighter!

Recovery from LASIK is fast, meaning you can look forward to visual improvement almost immediately after the procedure. It takes a few months to reach your peak vision after LASIK. 

You’ll still be able to see amazingly right away to test out your new vision just in time for spring! Crisper vision while at cookouts, checking out the Grand Ole Opry, or pedaling along on a pedal bike tour is all your new reality after LASIK!

Do More of What You Want

When you don’t have glasses or contact lenses getting in the way, you can do more of what you want. You can be spontaneous and go on last-minute trips with minimal packing since you don’t have to worry about visual aids! 

You can also save time when you don’t have to change your contacts every morning and night. Everything will be less complicated, so you can spend less time messing with your eyewear and more time doing the things that you’re passionate about.

How often has your day been ruined by broken glasses or a lost contact lens? After LASIK, you never have to experience that frustration ever again! 

This spring, you can get out and enjoy the weather however you want without your eyewear holding you back. Clearer vision is within reach, thanks to LASIK!

No More Contacts Means Fewer Allergy Symptoms

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies knows how annoying pollen can be in the spring. What you might not know is that contact lenses make eye allergy symptoms so much worse. 

They are far worse if you have a pollen allergy. In the spring, there’s pollen everywhere, so it’s impossible to avoid. If you wear contact lenses, avoiding touching your eyes is impossible. 

When you wear contact lenses, you touch your eyes more, and chances are you have at least some pollen residue on your hands, even if you wash your hands before changing your contact lenses. When you wear contact lenses, the pollen sticks to them. 

The pollen makes your eyes itch more, making you want to rub your eyes more in a horrible endless cycle of irritation. You can end that cycle by not wearing contact lenses. 

But you don’t have to give up and wear glasses all spring long when you get LASIK. You’ll be able to see without glasses and contact lenses, freeing you from visual aids and severe allergy symptoms! 

After LASIK, your allergy symptoms won’t be as intense, letting you enjoy what’s in front of you more.

Take in Some Music at the Grand Ole Opry

More of your favorite country music artists come to town when the weather gets warmer. There’s no better place for country music artists to perform than the Grand Ole Opry. 

When you get LASIK this spring, you’ll get the most out of the venue and the music! Enhancing one of your senses tends to improve the rest of them. 

The music will be much sweeter when you can see everything happening on stage with your high-definition vision!

Soak Up the Sun in Nashville

You can go outside this spring without worrying about allergies, fitting sunglasses over your regular glasses, sweat ruining your eyewear, and packing spare glasses and contact lenses. With less to worry about, you can enjoy the warm weather and take the opportunity to go out and see parts of Nashville you may have never seen before!

One great way to see the city is with a golf cart tour. There’s no shortage of golf cart tours in Nashville, and the spring is the perfect time to take them. The weather is warm but not sweltering like it tends to get in the summer. 

You can take one of these tours to try out new breweries, hit all the best art murals to take great pictures, or go shopping at all the best places around the city!

Whatever you decide to do this spring, it can be so much better with LASIK. Once you get LASIK, your whole life will be better. 

So don’t wait any longer! Schedule your commitment-free LASIK consultation today at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, to determine if LASIK is right for you. Haven’t you waited long enough to experience amazing vision for yourself?