If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ve probably already thought about having LASIK. Who wouldn’t consider achieving visual freedom and finally seeing clearly? 

LASIK is one of the most popular vision correction procedures you can undergo, and there are good reasons why. It’s effective, low-risk, and can eliminate the need for visual aids, helping you achieve the vision of your dreams.

What often turns off prospective LASIK patients from the procedure is its cost. Most health insurance won’t cover LASIK because it’s an elective procedure. 

Knowing there is an out-of-pocket expense associated with LASIK, is it worth it? Keep reading to find out what you really get with the cost of LASIK and why it’s beyond worth it! 

More Detail

Over 95% of LASIK patients achieve 20/20 vision or better. LASIK corrects your vision beyond your original prescription.

Because of that, you’ll see better than you ever could with your glasses or contact lenses. After you have LASIK, you can see the things around you in more detail. 

Your depth perception will improve; patients even report that colors look brighter and more vivid. You’ll see the world with total clarity and may even be able to see better than people with 20/20 vision who haven’t had LASIK.

More Time

Think about how much time you spend fussing with your visual aids throughout the day. If you wear contact lenses, you have to take time out of your day before putting them in or taking them out before bed. 

If anything goes wrong, like losing a contact lens or getting something in your eye, you must take more time to resolve the issue. Even if you wear glasses, you can still waste a lot of time. 

Glasses seem like they are always getting dirty, meaning you spend a lot of time trying to get them clean. If you experience any sudden temperature changes, your glasses will fog up, preventing you from seeing. At that point, you can only wait for the fog to clear up so you can see again. 

Once you have LASIK, you’ll no longer need to take time out of your busy day to mess around with your contacts or glasses. Why? 

Because you won’t need them anymore. You can save a ton of time, giving you more time to sleep in a little in the morning, eat a good breakfast, or take a moment to relax before starting your day. 

You can be more productive when you don’t have to spend time dealing with mishaps due to your visual aids misbehaving. 

More Energy

Doing some tasks while wearing contact lenses or glasses can be a huge pain. Hiking, swimming, and working out can be more trouble than they are worth when you have to muscle through irritated eyes from contact lenses or foggy, sweaty glasses. 

But you won’t have any glasses or contacts weighing you down after LASIK surgery. You’ll have more energy to work out. 

You’ll also have more energy to do all kinds of things, from socializing to cooking to crafting! Without visual aids to worry about, you can free up more of your mental energy and make life easier.

More Safety

Emergencies can happen at the worst of times, like the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t you like to know you’re safe if something terrible were to happen?

When you rely on contact lenses or glasses, you must waste precious seconds to ensure you can see well enough to get yourself and your loved ones out of the house. But after you have LASIK, you’ll be able to see as soon as you wake up, no matter the time of day or night. 

You’ll be better equipped to handle these emergencies, so you can feel much safer both in your home and anywhere you may visit!

More Relaxation

Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but travel can be more than a little stressful. It can be even more stressful when you have to worry about packing your contact lenses, spare glasses, and other eye accessories. 

Worrying about losing or breaking your glasses can be stressful while off in a foreign country. After LASIK, you can relax more and enjoy your vacation. 

Not only will you have less to pack and stress about, but you’ll be more equipped to deal with any emergencies that might arise on your trip. You can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to see clearly in any situation!

More Confidence

You can feel more confident in yourself and your abilities when you don’t have to rely on anything besides your own two eyes to see. After having LASIK, you won’t have to hide behind glasses or contact lenses, so you’ll be able to see more and do more. 

You may be surprised to see how much total visual freedom can change your life, enabling you to excel in whatever you put your mind to. Gain the confidence you need to take the next step in your career or relationship. LASIK can give you more confidence in every area of your life! 

More Savings

Yes, LASIK seems expensive, but you’re missing the big picture. Although there is an upfront cost, LASIK can also save you money in the long run over time. 

Getting LASIK surgery is an investment. This is because the procedure will save you from the costs associated with paying for visual aids, saving you money. 

Since LASIK is permanent, you can see without contacts or glasses for many years. Each year after getting LASIK, you’ll save all the money you’d otherwise spend on visual aids. Eventually, LASIK will pay for itself, making it an excellent way to invest in yourself. 

If you want all these benefits and more, it’s time to find out if you’re a good LASIK candidate. Schedule your LASIK consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, now! Isn’t it time to experience better vision for yourself?