LASIK eye surgery is a good choice for people who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. While some people are ready to get the procedure as soon as they hear that it can treat their conditions, others want a little more information before moving forward. Check out what you can expect during LASIK surgery. This will help you prepare for the procedure. Then, you can walk into our Nashville office with confidence.

Preparing Your Eyes

Many people are afraid that LASIK will hurt, but it is virtually painless. Your eye surgeon will prepare your eyes with numbing drops before the surgery. This will ensure that you make it through the procedure without feeling any pain.

Along with the numbing drops, you will get a light sedative so you can relax. This sedative is taken in oral form and will start working in a matter of minutes. It might make you feel a little drowsy, but you will stay awake during the procedure. However, you will probably want to take a nap when you get home.

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

Once your eyes are numb and you are relaxed, you will lay down so that your eyes are directly under the laser. Dr. Loden will then place a lid speculum over your eyes to keep them open. This isn’t painful or uncomfortable, it just ensures that you will not blink during the surgery.

Next, Dr. Loden will mark your cornea. This will allow the surgeon to create the corneal flap in the right place. Finally, Dr. Loden will put a suction ring on your eye. The suction will keep your eyes in place during the surgery. Since you will be mildly sedated, you will feel calm and relaxed during this entire process.

The Procedure

Dr. Loden will use a femtosecond laser to create a corneal flap, which he will fold back in order to treat the inner layers of the cornea. Next, Dr. Loden treat your refractive error. Using an excimer laser, your cornea will be reshaped. After reshaping the cornea, your eyes will be able to properly refract light – resulting in crystal-clear vision!

After surgery, you will be taken back to a recovery area where you will relax for a few minutes. Then you’re ready to go home! Be sure to bring someone who can drive you home after the procedure.

Don’t be alarmed if your vision is blurry when you go home. This is normal. You should start seeing normally later in the day, although it can take several months for your vision to stabilize.

Every LASIK experience is different. Before your surgery, Dr. Loden will go over everything you should expect before, during and after your LASIK procedure. Schedule a LASIK consultation in Nashville, TN today!