By Terrence Doherty, MD

Young Women Having Fun and Laughing Together

Don’t you love that feeling of excitement when you first arrive at the destination of your long-awaited and well-deserved vacation? You open balcony doors and take in the beautiful ocean view and fresh salty air.

It’s going to be a great week of relaxation and sunny weather. You begin to unpack and suddenly the good vibrations come to a screeching halt. You have forgotten to pack your contacts and your contact solution!

You’re now going to have to wear your glasses for the whole week. And the sunglasses you’ve brought do not have your prescription in them. If only you did not need these things!

Or perhaps you’ve had the irritating experience of rain and humidity building up on your glasses during an outdoor concert or sporting event.

Ever tried to wipe them off with a rain-soaked shirt? Just adds to the frustration, doesn’t it?

These scenarios may or may or may not sound familiar to you, but they are among my favorite answers when I ask my patients “What’s Your Reason” for finally choosing Laser Vision Correction? And the answers come from all walks of life.

For all you new young mothers out there…how many times has your precious little one reached up and violently yanked those glasses right off your face? (Amazing how fast they can move when they want to)

And when there’s finally time for both of you to nap, have you ever experienced the joyful sensation of your glasses being mashed between your face and the couch cushion?

So why not just put your contacts lenses in, right? Well, because there’s no time for that either and you worry that you won’t take that proper care of your contacts with your busy schedule.

Any cooks or restaurant workers out there? I wonder if splatter from the sauté pans or steam from the kitchen has ever made those glasses a little less transparent.

How about you police officers and firemen? Not having good vision in your profession can be quite perilous. And for those of you that cannot tolerate contacts, have your eyeglasses ever felt cumbersome, or even unsafe?

I am sure that you could relate very well with some of the stories that we have heard from members of your profession.

But sometimes it just as simple as wanting to exercise without glasses or be able to see in the shower. And what is the best option when you go to waterparks or the beach?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be more independent and not have to think about these things?

But more than likely, most of you have an even simpler reason for pursuing Laser Vision Correction. Maybe your contacts just aren’t comfortable anymore.

And I bet at one time or another, some of you have thought to yourself: “I just want to wake up and see !!!”
Well, you’re not alone. It is by far and away from the number one reason we hear.

But maybe yours is different. Maybe you don’t have a reason. We’d love to hear about it! Why not make an appointment for a free LASIK screening at Loden Vision Centers and tell us “What’s your reason?”