Tired of depending on glasses and contact lenses? Want to see the world in crystal-clear clarity? It’s time to think about LASIK.

After all, it is the most popular elective surgical procedure you can undergo and the most popular laser vision correction procedure! There’s a good reason for this: LASIK patients can achieve complete visual freedom, and over 95% of patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after having the procedure. 

But it’s no secret that one thing that may turn off potential LASIK patients is the perceived cost. Here’s the thing: LASIK is a lot more affordable than you may think. Wondering if LASIK is worth it? Read this first to learn more about LASIK and why it could be one of the best things you ever do to improve yourself! 

Long-Lasting Clear Vision

You may have heard that LASIK can “wear off” over time. That’s false because although the urban legends swirling around LASIK sound convincing, they aren’t true. 

LASIK is a permanent procedure. It alters the shape of your cornea to correct refractive errors, leaving you with clear, high-definition vision. 

Before you can even have LASIK, you must have a stable prescription. A stable prescription ensures that your vision won’t change significantly after LASIK. 

After having LASIK surgery, you can look forward to decades of improved vision. How is this possible? 

Getting LASIK in your twenties or thirties means you’ll have many years to enjoy your better vision. Now, it is true that LASIK won’t prevent age-related vision problems like presbyopia, so you may need reading glasses when you get older. 

But you can also pursue surgical treatment options for presbyopia even if you’ve had LASIK. There’s no need to go back to reading glasses with options like refractive lens exchange available!

But you’ll get the most out of LASIK if you have it when you’re younger. You’ll likely make an excellent LASIK candidate if you’re at least 18 and your prescription is stable. Remember, however, the only way to find out is to schedule your LASIK consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville! 


Having LASIK will give you visual freedom by eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. After the vision correction procedure, you’ll no longer need to constantly think about how you’ll see. 

Instead, you’ll just see. You don’t have to change your contact lenses in the morning or worry about if you waited too long to take them out at night. 

You don’t have to constantly deal with your glasses fogging up or the lenses getting smudged. And you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing your visual aids. 

Think of all the ways you’ll simplify your life by having LASIK. Every day will be easier, allowing you to streamline your daily routine. 

It may seem minor, but you’ll be surprised how much time and energy you can save when you don’t have contact lenses and glasses! 

Environmentally Conscious 

Not every contact lens user contributes significantly to plastic waste. If you use rigid gas permeable lenses or hybrid lenses, or weekly or monthly soft lenses, your effect on the environment is minimal. 

But many people with sensitive eyes and busy schedules use daily contact lenses because they’re convenient and comfortable. If you wear dailies, you create a lot of plastic waste from all the packaging you use. 

You may feel like you have to sacrifice being environmentally conscious for convenience. But LASIK is convenient and environmentally conscious. 

It’s perfect for patients who otherwise use daily contact lenses. Once you get LASIK, you never have to purchase dailies to feel better about your environmental impact!


LASIK is a very low-risk procedure that’s been FDA-approved for over twenty years. Since then, it has only evolved as a procedure, becoming even more accurate and precise. 

The complication rate is also extremely low. If you want the best results, choosing a reputable LASIK surgeon who screens out LASIK patients who are not well-suited for the procedure is essential.

LASIK can make you safer in the long run. By allowing you to see without contact lenses and glasses, you’ll be better prepared for emergencies. 

You’ll also be at lower risk for eye infections than patients who use contact lenses. Eye surgery does carry some risk for eye infection, but this risk is practically eliminated by using prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops after surgery. 

But every time you wear contact lenses, you’re at risk for an eye infection because the lenses dry out your eyes and can trap bacteria, especially when you rub your eyes. Even though the risk of infection from wearing contact lenses is low, you take that risk daily, maximizing the chances of getting an infection at some point. 

With LASIK, these risks are extremely low thanks to the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops taken during recovery. Not only is LASIK safe, but it can also keep you both safer and healthier!

Financially Sound

LASIK can seem like it’s pricey, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Many patients make the procedure more affordable using widely available no-interest payment plans. 

Most people with a decent credit score can qualify for these plans. As long as you make your monthly payments and pay off the vision correction procedure in the given time frame, these no-interest plans ensure you won’t pay a penny more than the surgery cost!

But LASIK isn’t just affordable. It can also save you money over time. Since it’s permanent, it’ll save you hundreds yearly that you’d otherwise spend on glasses and contact lenses. 

Every year after you have LASIK, you’ll save more money. Since LASIK can give you decades of clear vision, it’ll quickly pay for itself and then some!

LASIK is an excellent investment in yourself, your safety, and your finances. If you’re curious about LASIK and want to try it for yourself, schedule your commitment-free consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, to see if LASIK is right for you!