Do you lament that you need reading glasses when you want to look at something up close? Do you often forget where you’ve put your reading glasses and wish you didn’t need to rely on them?

You and countless others need reading glasses because of an eye condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia is one of the most common eye conditions that affect many adults 40 and older.

As you age, the usually flexible lenses in your eyes become stiff, making it harder to focus up close. If you suffer from presbyopia, you may struggle to read fine print and hold reading material at arm’s length away to try and see it better.

Until recently, one of the only ways to treat presbyopia was by wearing reading glasses. But if you don’t like reading glasses, there’s another solution.

One new and innovative treatment is a daily eye drop that can help treat presbyopia and allow you to be more independent in your everyday life, called Vuity. Vuity is the first eye drop of its kind, making it revolutionary for sufferers of presbyopia who want to reduce their dependence on reading glasses.

Why consider Vuity eye drops? Keep reading for 6 of the best benefits of using Vuity eye drops to treat your presbyopia and reduce your dependence on reading glasses!

1. Relief from Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be highly frustrating. It may feel like you’ve lost the ability to do something that was once so easy!

Even though reading glasses can help, they can introduce new struggles into the equation. You may put your reading glasses down, misplacing them.

You also may not be able to use them all the time, so you’re often left struggling. Vuity is a medication in the form of daily eye drops you can take every day to help your eyes focus better the entire time they’re in effect.

After they start working, the Vuity eye drops remain in effect for hours after being administered, so they’ll last you most of the working day. This period of effectiveness allows you to spend the most productive time of your day seeing your best without worrying about straining to see. With a few drops, you’ll be able to forget about the frustrations that presbyopia can provide.

2. An Innovative Solution

Vuity is an eye drop made from a solution that contains pilocarpine. Pilocarpine is a chemical that reduces the size of your pupils, which helps your eyes focus better.

Generally, your pupils shrink when you look at something up close and increase in size when looking at something farther away. By temporarily shrinking how big your pupils are, Vuity helps you focus better on nearby objects and reading materials, compensating for the decreased flexibility of your natural lens.

But what makes Vuity such an innovative medication? It’s the only product of its kind. It’s also the first-ever eye drop that’s FDA approved to treat presbyopia.

It’s as easy to take as regular eye drops as well. All you need to do is put one drop in each eye at the beginning of the day. It’s even simpler than having to put in contact lenses!

3. Reduce Your Dependence on Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are the most common and popular treatment for presbyopia, but they’re far from ideal. They’re another thing you have to keep track of and are all too easy to lose.

While you shouldn’t think that using Vuity eye drops will replace your reading glasses (as this is not their intent), they can reduce your dependence on them. They accomplish this by allowing you to focus better as long as the eye drops are in effect.

By allowing you to see better up close, you’ll likely reach for your reading glasses less while using Vuity eye drops.

4. Doesn’t Interfere With Distance Vision

Unlike reading glasses, Vuity eye drops don’t interfere with your ability to see at a distance. When you’re wearing reading glasses, it’s hard to switch from focusing on something up close to looking at something farther away.

You have to take your reading glasses off to be able to see at a distance. This problem doesn’t exist with Vuity.

While in effect, the eye drops allow you to still see at a distance, so you can easily switch from looking at something far away to focusing on something up close. The easy transition between distance and up-close focus can be advantageous in various situations, both professional and social.

You can read and take notes in a meeting while still being able to view a presentation. You can play cards or read a dinner menu without fumbling for your reading glasses. You can even go out on a hike without worrying about how you’ll read maps or signs. The possibilities are endless!

5. Compatible With Contact Lenses

Many people with presbyopia also have common refractive errors and still need regular glasses or contact lenses to see. Using Vuity doesn’t interfere with your ability to use any glasses, and it doesn’t stop you from wearing contact lenses, either.

You need to wait about ten minutes after putting the drops in before putting in your contact lenses. Your contact lenses and Vuity can help you see better than ever when they work together!

6. Rewards for Using Vuity

As Vuity eye drops aren’t considered a medical necessity, your medical insurance may not cover them. But you can still save big by using a built-in rewards system for Vuity called My Vuity Points, or MVP.

Once you get your prescription, it’s easy to sign up and get your MVP card to start earning. Eligible patients pay a set price for Vuity eye drops when using their MVP card while also earning points towards future purchases.

Once you’ve earned 40 points after four fills, you can get a bottle of Vuity eye drops for free! The savings add up, making Vuity more affordable and convenient.

If you struggle with presbyopia and want to reduce your dependence on reading glasses, Vuity eye drops may be right for you! Schedule an appointment at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, to learn more!