Our Surgeons Choose Refractive Lens Exchange for Presbyopia Over Kamra

At Loden Vision Centers™, we offer Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) for presbyopia correction, not the Kamra corneal inlay (Acufocus). Why is that? Quite simply, because we are committed to only providing the absolute best to our patients when it comes to technology and outcomes (not to mention service and surgical expertise!). Our surgeons have thoroughly weighed the pros and cons of each type of presbyopia treatment option, including Kamra, and firmly stand by Refractive Lens Exchange as the best available presbyopia treatment option.

How RLE and Kamra Are Different

With RLE, the patient’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an advanced Lifestyle Lens that can correct for nearsightedness and farsightedness or astigmatism. By implanting an advanced Lifestyle Lens in place of the natural lens, a patient may once again be able to focus on near and far objects, and everything in between. The procedure is much like cataract surgery and it is typically performed in both eyes. This gives each eye the ability to independently focus at a range of distances.

The Kamra corneal inlay is inserted into a pocket within the cornea and helps with near vision or the ability to focus up close. Unlike RLE, Kamra does not offer presbyopic patients correction for nearsightedness or astigmatism. Kamra is also only inserted into one eye, so both eyes must work together to provide a full range of vision.

RLE Outcomes—Clearly the Best!

At the end of the day, we want to help as many patients as possible experience the joy that comes with having clear vision. Our surgeons believe the potential for RLE to correct both near and distance vision as well as astigmatism is more favorable than Kamra. Kamra is primarily for presbyopic patients who only struggle with seeing up close and do not need glasses or contacts for distance vision.

Additionally, our patients who have had a Refractive Lens Exchange procedure with Lifestyle Lenses have been thrilled with their visual results. Patients are amazed that they are once again able to see much like when they were younger, with the ability to focus at all distances. What’s more is that they were able to reduce or even get rid of their need for reading glasses! They love being able to see their best without this extra hassle.

RLE Eliminates the Need for Future Cataract Surgery

Another great benefit of the Refractive Lens Exchange procedure that you do not find with the Kamra cornea inlay is that it eliminates the need for future cataract surgery.

By having a Refractive Lens Exchange procedure before cataracts have fully formed, the need for cataract surgery later down the line is erased. Instead, patients can enjoy clear vision sooner, not to mention eliminate or reduce the need for readers. This is another reason why our surgeons believe in RLE as the best treatment option for presbyopia over the Kamra corneal inlay.
Is Refractive Lens Exchange Right for You?

Patients with signs of early cataract development and patients over 55 years of age who are dependent on corrective lenses for distance vision benefit the most from Refractive Lens Exchange.

Call Loden Vision Centers to Learn More

If you are a patient with presbyopia, our knowledgeable staff looks forward to answering any questions you might have about Refractive Lens Exchange, including why we prefer this treatment instead of the Kamra corneal inlay. Call a Refractive Coordinator today at (615) 559-4242 to schedule your appointment and find out if Refractive Lens Exchange is right for you.