tips to prevent cataracts

It’s common to think that cataracts are a fact of life, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While yes, some people end up with cataracts no matter what they do, others can avoid them with some lifestyle changes.

Follow these simple tips to reduce your chances of getting cataracts. Not only will these tips make your eyes healthier, but they will improve your overall health as well!

1. Eat the Right Foods

The foods you choose don’t just impact your waistline. They also impact your eye health. Eat a diet full of antioxidants if you want to avoid cataracts. These foods don’t just make you less likely to get cataracts, either. If you do end up with cataracts, they can slow down cataract progression. That means you can wait even longer before you need cataract surgery!

If you want to eat foods that pack a powerful antioxidant punch, go with dark green, leafy vegetables. These are loaded with antioxidants so you will have healthier eyes in no time at all. On top of that, you just might lose a few pounds in the process. That’s definitely a win-win situation for your waistline and your eyes.

2. Watch Your Blood Sugar

Elevated blood sugar doesn’t just lead to diabetes. It can also hurt the lens in your eye, which can lead to cataracts. Watch the amount of sugar you eat every day, and if you have diabetes, get it under control. That way, you will reduce your chances of getting cataracts, and you will be much healthier overall.

3. Put on Your Shades

Your sunglasses aren’t just about looks! They also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays drastically increase your risk of cataracts, so put your shades on whenever you go outside, especially if you are going to be outside for a long period of time.

4. Put the Cigarettes Out

Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for lungs and cause wrinkles. What you might not realize is they can also cause cataracts. On top of that, smoking can lead to other eye diseases, including macular degeneration. There are a bunch of smoking cessation aids on the market. Choose from prescription or non-prescription methods so you can live a smoke-free life for good.

5. Get Yearly Eye Exams

While this tip won’t prevent cataracts, it will ensure that your eye doctor catches cataracts quickly, before they begin to interfere with your quality of life. Go to the eye doctor every year so you can get a thorough eye examination. You need to do this even if you don’t need glasses or contact lenses.

Your eye health is incredibly important. Follow these tips so you can keep your eyes healthy. Healthy eyes lead to a healthy and happy life, and you will be a lot less likely to get cataracts, even as you age. Also, be sure to share these tips with your friends. That way, they can live cataract-free lives as well.