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As we age, our eyes start changing. It is inevitable that you will eventually develop cataracts. A common symptom of cataracts is the loss of vision.  You may be wondering how to choose the best cataract surgeon! Keep reading to learn more about cataracts and how to find the best surgeon for you and your needs!

What Is A Cataract?

Cataracts are a common issue associated with age. Cataracts left untreated will damage your vision. This can result in severely compromised vision or permanent vision loss.  As we age, the proteins in our eyes will begin to gravitate to the center of the cornea. When this happens, the proteins form a clump. You may not notice this clump at first. After many years, the clump turns into a cataract resulting in cloudy vision or tinted vision. 

Even though cataracts are typically referred to as “age-related”, the condition develops earlier. It may be years later that you start experiencing symptoms of cataracts. When you start experiencing symptoms of cataracts, glasses or contacts will stop working. When these options are exhausted, you’ll need to start thinking about cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures to undergo. With a high success rate, cataract patients experience high satisfaction! Trust Loden Vision Centers with your vision. 

Choose The Right Surgeon For Your Lens Needs

Many patients with cataracts will rely on Medicare to cover the cost of cataract surgery. This is minus the cost of a deductible. If you have Medicare, only standard replacement lenses are covered. Your cataract surgeon at Loden Vision Centers will put the IOL in after your cataract is removed. Standard IOLs are a great option for patients who are looking to get their vision back.

 If your goal after cataract surgery is to be free from glasses and contacts, you’ll need to find a highly qualified cataract surgeon.

Premium IOLs are not covered by Medicare. This is often a deciding factor when patients are considering IOLs. If you can afford premium IOLs, a life without glasses is worth considering. Premium IOLs give you your vision back and visual freedom!  You’ll feel at ease and comfortable in the hands of our expert cataract surgeons at Loden Vision Centers.   

Choosing Your Cataract Surgeon

You’ll want to ask potential surgeons a few questions before deciding if they are the right one. If it doesn’t feel right to you, keep searching for the right cataract surgeon. The best way to find a successful surgeon is to ask friends and family for a referral. Whether you are choosing standard IOLs or premium IOLs, you’ll want to consider:

  • The courteousness of the staff
  • How much information was presented, and if all lens options and finances were thoroughly explained
  • How many procedures your prospective surgeon has performed
  • Their level of experience with the type of IOL you have opted for.

Do you have additional questions about how to choose the right cataract surgeon for you? To get started, schedule an appointment with Loden Vision Centers and learn more!