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On the surface, it might seem like a great idea to get your teenager LASIK. They are tired of dealing with glasses and pesky contacts every day! Maybe you got LASIK and know how life-changing it can be. However, did you know that teenagers can’t get LASIK?

Yes, playing sports without the confines of glasses or contacts would be great. Being able to act in the school play would be that much better if they could get LASIK!

There’s just one problem: LASIK is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Keep reading to learn the 4 reasons why LASIK is not recommended for teenagers!

1. Not Everyone Is An Ideal LASIK Candidate

Living life with glasses can be frustrating, but not everyone qualifies for LASIK. There are several important factors taken into consideration before being approved for LASIK. A responsible LASIK surgeon will follow these standards:

  • the patient has had a stable prescription for at least one year before their surgery date. Up until your mid-twenties, it’s not uncommon for prescriptions to fluctuate. LASIK cannot be performed unless the patient’s prescription is stable
  • the patient is in good health
  • the patient does not have an eye infection or injury

2. It’s All About Maturity

Your teenager may act mature, but their eyes aren’t mature. Like the rest of the body, hormones affect our eyes during puberty. If a teenager gets LASIK, their eyes will keep changing for several years.

LASIK is an elective procedure, but it’s also expensive! Chances are, if your teenager did get LASIK, they would just have to get it again a few years later. Insurance is not going to cover something like that.

If you get LASIK when you’re 16, it’s not worth it to have to get it again less than 10 years later. A good LASIK surgeon will not clear a teenager for LASIK.

3. A One Time Procedure

LASIK is a one-time surgery. During LASIK, the cornea becomes reshaped permanently. This is not something that you would want to subject your teenager’s eyes to multiple times.

Although LASIK is a safe procedure, it is still causing trauma. The eyes can only handle so much trauma. Allowing a teenager to get LASIK is irresponsible. Getting LASIK before a prescription has stabilized could result in severe vision complications.

The eyes are one of the most important senses we have! After all, some people consider them the window to the soul. Don’t jeopardize your teen’s vision for LASIK.

4. What Do We Do For Now?

If your teenager wants LASIK, explain to them that they have to wait to get it. In the meantime, this is the perfect time to start doing some research! Look up prominent LASIK surgeons in your area, and start saving money for the procedure. Once your teen is old enough for LASIK in their mid-twenties, you’ll be prepared!

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