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Cataract surgery is a common procedure that can restore any vision that’s been lost due to cataracts. Getting any surgery can be stressful, but cataract surgery is one of the fastest and most painless.

Compared to the benefits of being able to see again without cataracts, most patients find it worth it.

Even though cataract surgery is simple, it’s important to take care of your eyes while recovering.

As long as you follow a few key rules, your recovery should be as quick and painless as the surgery itself. Keep reading for our guide to an easy cataract surgery recovery!

Have Someone To Drive You and Help Out

After cataract surgery, you won’t be able to drive yourself home, so you should have a person to drive you to and from the eye doctor’s clinic or hospital. Having someone on hand in case you need anything can also be a huge help.

You shouldn’t cook for yourself for the first day or so after surgery. It’s a good idea to have a person around to help with food and whatever else you need.

Use Your Eye Shield at Night

You may be sent home wearing an eye shield. This can come off in a few hours, but it’s important to hang onto it.

For the first week while recovering, wear it while sleeping. This prevents your eye rubbing against your pillow.

While recovering, your eyes will be more vulnerable to infections. This means your eye touching sheets could put you at risk of infection or complications.

Stick to Light Activity

For a couple of weeks after surgery, you should avoid doing anything strenuous. This means no exercising or heavy lifting.

Taking it easy lowers your risk of having some kind of accident or complication. Your doctor will tell you how long to wait before getting back into your regular routine.

Keep Irritants Away from Your Eye

During recovery, you should keep dust and dirt away from your eyes. You should also keep any irritants off your face.

This means no eye makeup, at least for a couple weeks. You also should avoid getting water in your eyes, so be careful when showering.

Another common irritant you should avoid is chlorine. You shouldn’t get in a pool or hot tub for at least a week after cataract surgery.

Even keeping your head above water is too big a risk. Chlorine getting in your eyes could irritate them or lead to infection.

Use Prescriptions as Instructed and Follow Up With Your Doctor

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic or anti-inflammatory eye drops. These need to be used before and after surgery. Be sure to use the eye drops as often and as long as your doctor instructs. This is key to preventing infections.

If you have any issues during recovery, always bring them up with your doctor. You will need to follow up regularly in the days and weeks after surgery, so be sure to keep up with appointments.

Seeing your doctor while your eye is healing will ensure any problem get caught early. Catching problems early means you’re less likely to suffer from other complications later.

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