Want LASIK? As an elective procedure, you’re looking at paying for LASIK out of pocket. Sorry, most insurance companies won’t cover it!

For many people, LASIK is unattainable because of this. Here’s the thing: if you get a little creative, you can make LASIK affordable! Don’t believe us? Keep reading and learn 2 ways that you can finance LASIK for yourself and make LASIK affordable!

1. Financing With Your LASIK Surgeon

Of course, the first step when you’re financing LASIK is to get approved for the procedure. Once approved, you can think about how to pay for LASIK.

So the second step is picking the right LASIK surgeon and practice. With the right surgeon, you can see if they offer LASIK financing at the practice.

Many practices partner with major financing companies. These companies offer affordable options to patients, depending on your credit. Don’t have great credit? This may not be the best option for you.

Financing LASIK breaks up the total cost into more affordable monthly payments. The catch here is you have to pay the amount back within a specified time.

If you don’t pay your procedure off within this time, you’ll need to pay extra. Paying extra for LASIK kind of defeats the purpose of financing, so you need to be sure you can pay it off!

Most LASIK practices will offer financing with zero interest for the first 2 years. If you can pay off your procedure within 2 years, this is a great way to make LASIK more affordable!

2. Open An High-Interest Savings Account

This is another option to finance your LASIK procedure, but it requires a level of planning. If financing your procedure with monthly payments isn’t workable, you can try saving.

The problem with saving, especially with a standard savings account, is it can take a long time. Instead of a normal savings account, you can open a high-interest savings account.

You’ll still need to put away money steadily, but you’ll earn more interest on it. Go to your bank to find out how much interest you can make off a high-interest savings account.

LASIK on average costs about $5,000. If you can afford it, putting away $400 per month could result in saving for LASIK in less than a year.

If you know that you want LASIK but can’t swing $400 a month, even $200 per month could save up your LASIK cost in 2 years!

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