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Cataract surgery may only take around an hour, but a lot goes on in that hour! With so much happening in such a short period of time, you probably want to know what to expect after the procedure. Knowing what to expect will put your mind at ease, and give you the information you need to move forward with removing your cataracts in Nashville, TN! So, listen up and we’ll walk you through exactly what you can expect after cataract surgery.

The First Day

Your Nashville cataract surgeon will send you home shortly after the procedure. It is important to bring someone who is able to drive you home after the procedure. You will also be given an eye patch, which you should keep on for the rest of the day.

The First Few Days

Your eye patch will come off on the second day. Your vision will likely be blurry or distorted when you remove your eye patch for the first time after cataract surgery. This is nothing to worry about. Your eye is just adjusting to the IOL that replaced your natural lens. You may also experience a big improvement in vision within the first day. This is different for everyone.

Many people experience red or “bloodshot” eyes after cataract surgery. As you continue healing, this side effect will disappear.

The day after removing your cataracts in Nashville, you will come back to our office for a follow-up appointment. This is just to ensure that everything is going well and you are well on your way to full recovery! If you are feeling any significant pain or discomfort, be sure to let your surgeon know as soon as possible.

Your eyes will likely itch for the first few days, and they might be slightly sore. The soreness should be mild, and over-the-counter pain relievers will provide you with the relief you need. You will also be given different types of eye drops: some for comfort, some for healing. You Nashville cataract surgeon will advise you on how and when to use these drops.

The First Week

You need to be somewhat careful for the first week. Your eye is still healing, so avoid picking up heavy objects, and don’t rub or scratch your eye. You will sleep wearing an eye shield. This will ensure that nothing bumps your eye during the night. It will also help you prevent infection.

Eight Weeks After Surgery

It takes approximately eight weeks for the eye to completely heal after cataract surgery. At this point, you can return to normal activities. You won’t need an eye shield any longer, and you can lift heavy objects; however, you still shouldn’t rub your eye. While your eye doctor will caution against rubbing right after surgery, it is never a good idea to rub your eyes. You can hurt them, even when they are healthy!

Getting Another Cataract Removed

Some people decide to get their cataracts removed one at a time. Once your eye heals, you will be ready to get your other cataract removed, if you have another one. After your second cataract surgery, your recovery process will be the same.

Getting Your Eyes Examined

After your eyes have adjusted to the IOLs, you will come in for an eye exam. You might still need glasses, but you will likely require a weaker prescription. Be sure to get your new prescription as soon as you’re able. This will not only help you see as clearly as possible, but you’ll avoid the eye strain and headaches that come along with using the wrong prescription.

Removing your cataracts in Nashville is easier than ever. The procedure is painless, and the recovery time is short. Be sure to consider the tips above and always follow your doctor’s recovery directions! You’ll be seeing clearly in no time.

If you’re interested in getting rid of your cataracts, Nashville cataract surgeons Dr. Loden and Dr. Doherty are ready for you! Call our location in Nashville, TN today to schedule your cataract surgery consultation.