Are you frustrated by cataracts? Having cataract surgery can completely restore your vision.

Not only does having cataract surgery remove your cataracts, but it also removes the natural lens of your eye. When you have the natural lens taken out, it’s replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens, or IOL.

You’ll finally be able to see clearly after having your cataracts removed, and you can even end up with some of the best eyesight you’ve ever had. The reason for this is thanks to the IOL that replaces the natural lens.

IOLs come in several varieties, with many designed to correct age-related farsightedness, also known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is the reason that you may need to wear reading glasses to see things up-close.

Choosing an IOL can be tricky as there are a lot of options. But one newer kind of IOL, the trifocal lens, may be perfect for you.

The PanOptix trifocal lens has a lot of benefits that you should consider. It’s a premium IOL that can provide you with your best possible vision. Keep reading to find out if the PanOptix trifocal lens may be the right choice for you!

Standard IOLs Vs. Premium IOLs

The most crucial choice you have to make before having cataract surgery is what IOL you’ll have implanted. The most basic IOL is a monofocal lens.

Monofocal IOLs are the only IOL that most insurance plans will cover. Cataract surgery is usually covered by insurance since it’s considered a medically necessary procedure to remove your cataracts and improve your eyesight.

woman wearing glasses and reading newspaper

The monofocal lens is a uniform lens set to one refractive power with a singular focal point. Many patients that choose a monofocal IOL will select an option called monovision.

With monovision, one lens in the eye is for seeing up close, and the other is for seeing far away. Patients with monovision can see reasonably well at most distances. But patients that choose to have monovision still often need glasses, especially when they need to see things up close.

Premium IOLs are designed to enhance a patient’s vision and reduce or eliminate the need for other visual aids. Although they work exceptionally well, premium IOLs come as an out-of-pocket expense.

Most patients who opt for a premium lens find the price is well worth it. The trifocal lens is one IOL that patients report high satisfaction with, and for a good reason.

How the Trifocal Lens Works

intraocular lens

One of the most popular IOLs is a multifocal lens consisting of alternating rings, switching between a close focal point and a distant focal point. With multifocal lenses, the idea is that your eye becomes trained to look out of the right part of the lens depending on how close the object you’re looking at is. Being able to switch between focal points allows patients to see much more sharply up close.

The trifocal lens is designed similarly, but it switches between three focal points instead of switching between two focal points. Switching between three focal points allows the patient to see sharply up close and at an intermediate distance.

Being able to see clearly both up close and at a middle distance has several advantages over other premium IOLs like the multifocal. There are never any gaps in vision with the trifocal lens, no matter what you may be seeing.

The Advantages of the Trifocal Lens

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One issue with many premium IOLs is that they primarily enhance close-up vision. There are certainly benefits for improving close-up sight for tasks like reading, but it can be difficult for people who work mainly on the computer or frequently use screens.

In fact, in the past, eye doctors recommended monovision for patients who used electronics. Other premium IOLs inadvertently encouraged patients to place screens too close to their eyes.

As a result, patients were viewing computer screens too close to their eyes. Placing these too close resulted in adverse side effects like eye strain and computer vision syndrome entirely on accident.

One of the most significant benefits of the PanOptix trifocal lens is perfect for viewing screens. This premium IOL provides crisp, clear vision at a middle distance.

The trifocal lens also allows you to see well at all distances, so it’s great for active individuals who may enjoy playing golf or tennis and those who work with electronics. It’s also great for social situations, allowing you to switch seamlessly between reading and looking up to socialize with those around you. No matter what you’re doing, the PanOptix trifocal IOL can adapt to the situation.

The PanOptix Trifocal IOL

The only trifocal IOL on the market is the PanOptix trifocal lens. At Loden Vision Centers, we’re proud to offer this revolutionary new IOL to our patients.

The PanOptix trifocal lens holds a 99% satisfaction rate. 98% of patients also say they would strongly recommend the PanOptix trifocal IOL to friends and family who undergo cataract surgery.

The PanOptix trifocal lens has a crucial advantage over other premium lenses because of its design. Other premium lenses chose to sacrifice close-up vision for crystal clear middle distance vision.

group of older people doing water aerobics

The PanOptix trifocal premium lens provides patients with clear sight up close and at median distances because it has a 60-centimeter intermediate focal point. A 60-centimeter intermediate focal point is far more effective than the more extended focal point of other premium lenses, allowing PanOptix users a more extensive range of vision.

If you want to get the most out of having cataract surgery, it’s hard to go wrong with the PanOptix trifocal lens. It’s ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the computer or smartphone and those who are active and like to be social.

You’ll be able to see better without cataracts hindering your vision, and you’ll be able to see even more with the trifocal lens. Does the PanOptix trifocal lens sound perfect for you?

Schedule a cataract screening at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, to learn more now and determine if the trifocal lens could change your life for the better!