Cataracts are the most common eye condition experienced; if you live long enough, you will develop cataracts! Through the years, ophthalmologists have sought ways to cure or prevent cataracts, and they have developed several ways to remove cataracts from the eye, improve vision, and to improve the quality of our lives.

If you have a cataract, we hope you are already considering Cataract Surgery at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, Goodlettsville, Paris or any of our other convenient cataract surgery clinics in Tennessee. But you may be asking yourself when exactly is the right time to have cataracts removed? Is it necessary to have it removed as soon as symptoms begin, or do they need to develop further prior to removal?

Rest assured, if you are experiencing symptoms of cataracts or have any questions! We are happy to help provide answers and assist you on your journey to cataract-free living. Here is some information about cataract eye surgery with Loden Vision Centers that may help alleviate your questions regarding cataracts.

Lifestyle Limitations

When cataracts develop, the symptoms and experiences vary for everyone. For example, it is common experience cloudy vision, and if this is minor you may not necessarily need cataract surgery yet. However, in some cases, cataracts progressively develop, turning your once-clear vision blurry. We encourage everyone to consistently have eye exams, but if cataracts are hindering you from doing your daily activities such as driving, reading, work, and hobbies, then it is absolutely time to call your Nashville cataract surgeon for a consultation.

Cataract Development

Several years ago, ophthalmologists needed to wait until the cataract was “ripe” before it could be removed safely. However, with today’s technology, cataract removal can take place at any stage in development with the use of Laser Technology.

Since cataracts harden the more they develop, it can be difficult with traditional procedure to remove. It is important, then, to avoid reaching this stage before getting your surgery.

If you are planning to do your Cataract surgery in Nashville, Goodlettsville, or central Tennessee, you’re in luck. Dr. Loden invented iCataract, a procedure in which the cataract can be removed through laser instead of traditional cataract surgery. Dr. Loden is the first person in the world to have done this type of cataract surgery. With this innovative procedure, you can get a more precise operation, reducing risks of failure, and improving the quality of vision significantly.

Recovery Period – Timing is Key

Many patients expect the recovery period to be longer than a week. This hinders them from making the leap to get the surgery due to personal or professional commitments. Fitting in the time for surgery becomes very difficult.

However, with iCataract, the recovery period can be as short as 1 day. Patients report improved vision the day after the procedure. They also can proceed with simple daily activities right after the surgery. Since it’s an outpatient procedure with topical anesthesia and without stitches, individuals can return to their daily routine quickly!

While cataracts are a normal part of the aging process, you don’t have to endure the suffering caused by impaired vision. You can find ways to improve the quality of life by improving your vision. Here at Loden Vision, our Cataract Surgeons in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee can help you achieve just that. Call us today to schedule your Cataract surgery or get the information you need!