LASIK Nashville

One of the most important things to consider when thinking about getting any kind of surgery is finding out what your surgeon is like. Trust is crucial when dealing with something as serious as your body’s health, and even if it is a surgery as safe and reliable as LASIK, your eyesight is still a vital part of who you are. That’s why before committing to getting LASIK done, you have to do the right research on your doctor. Here are some key qualities that you should be looking for.

1. Good Reviews

The best place to start your research is from the mouth of the patients themselves. Look up reviews online or ask someone you know that has had experience with the doctor. A good LASIK surgeon will have glowing reviews from many of his or her patients. This is a good baseline to go off of, but should not be the end of your research.

2. Licensing and Certification

In order to perform LASIK, a surgeon must meet certain standards from medical boards. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon during your consultation about his or her education and legal status for their work. Dr. Loden puts all of his board certification information on clear display right at the top of our website for full transparency!

3. Experience

While the surgeon’s education is certainly a crucial part of choosing a LASIK surgeon, what really matters are the results the surgeon produces. A surgeon that has decades of experience and plenty of successful procedures is going to put your mind at ease a lot more than a green surgeon. For example, Dr. Loden founded his practice in 1999, giving him almost 2 decades of practical experience with thousands of patients leaving satisfied!

4. Technology Standards

LASIK has been FDA approved for a long time. However, technology has continued to improve, making today’s LASIK much different and even more reliable than it was when it first started. Nowadays we have access to powerful computers that can perfectly map out our unique eyes, allowing doctors to customize your LASIK experience and tailor the results to your vision needs, rather than simply rely on your prescription. Ensure that your surgeon is using the best equipment and is knowledgeable about the industry standards of today, as they can change very quickly.

5. Staff and Practice Professionalism

A LASIK surgeon is only as good as the team supporting him or her. When you go in for your LASIK consultation, pay attention to your surroundings. Does the office look clean and well maintained? Is the staff friendly and helpful? Do you get the sense that they truly have your best interests at heart? Remember, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being sold on LASIK. It should feel like you and your surgeon are a team working towards finding the best vision correction option for you.

Ultimately, your LASIK surgeon needs to be someone you can trust. To get to know Dr. Loden, feel free to call and set up an appointment!