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LASIK might be the most misunderstood procedure out there. The lack of understanding is mainly due to all of the myths circulating online. Take a minute to see if you have fallen for any of the common myths. Once you know the truth, you’ll know if the procedure is a good fit for your eyes.

Myth – LASIK Only Treats Nearsightedness

Most people think that LASIK is only for those who suffer from myopia. It restores the vision, allowing people to see objects that are far away. It certainly does that, but it also corrects farsightedness and astigmatisms. This makes LASIK a great treatment for all refractive errors.

Myth – LASIK Leads to a Lifetime of Issues

It’s true that you can expect some side effects immediately following the surgery. You might have dry eyes or see halos when driving at night. Fortunately, these are typically short-term side effects that are gone within three to six months. You will be able to put down the eye drops and start driving at night once your eyes adjust.

Myth – Everyone Has 20/20 Vision After LASIK

If a surgeon says he can guarantee that you’ll have 20/20 vision after surgery, he is not being honest. Your eye surgeon can examine your eyes and provide you with your probable outcome, but there will be a range of possibilities.

Those with mild prescriptions are more likely to obtain 20/20 vision than those who have extremely poor vision. Some people choose to get a touch-up after the initial surgery in order to get closer to 20/20. Still, even with a touch-up, the surgeon cannot guarantee 20/20 vision.

It is important to note that you don’t need perfect vision to see well. Many people who have less than 20/20 vision are still able to get rid of their glasses.

Myth – People Go Blind from LASIK

You might be scared of getting LASIK because you are afraid of going blind. Put your mind at ease. LASIK has never caused blindness. In fact, few people end up with serious complications.

Myth – The Equipment Does All the Work During Surgery

You might think that the surgeon doesn’t matter, but think again. Surgeons might use tools, but the procedure’s success comes down to the surgeon’s overall skill level. In addition, a skilled surgeon has solid pre- and post-op care plans to ensure success. With this in mind, choose wisely when selecting a surgeon to perform your LASIK surgery.

Myth – Everyone Can Get LASIK

If an eye care clinic says that it performs LASIK on anyone who wants it, you need to look for a different provider. Skilled surgeons examine the eyes and the patient to ensure that the person is a good candidate for surgery. Your eyes must be free of disease and you must be in good health to get surgery from a reputable provider.

If you are ready to move forward with LASIK, we can help. Conveniently located in Nashville, Tennessee, our surgeons have the experience and skill level necessary to help you achieve a positive outcome with your procedure. Schedule a LASIK evaluation today so you can move closer to a surgery date.