halloween and your glasses Nashville, TN

During October, many people painstakingly curate items over the month that will become their perfect, award-winning Halloween costume. After all of that hard work, what a shame it would be to have to wear glasses to see, effectively breaking the illusion that you actually are Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Everyone knows Dracula didn’t need glasses, you aren’t fooling anyone.)

On a serious note, glasses can be a major inconvenience during what is considered one of the best holidays of the year. While some costumes require a pair of spectacles (Buddy Holly, anyone?) most can just be plain ruined by the need for glasses. So, what’s a Halloween enthusiast to do? Maybe LASIK will do the trick.

What is LASIK Surgery?

For those wondering what this amazing sounding procedure is, here’s a brief run down.

LASIK surgery is a permanent vision correction procedure. During the procedure, your LASIK surgeon surgically alters the shape of your cornea. This allows light to refract properly, banishing blurry vision!

LASIK surgery is fast, safe and the results speak for themselves. Now that we’re done with the explanation, let’s get back into how LASIK can take your Halloween night to the next level.

LASIK Surgery and Halloween

Alright, we aren’t suggesting that you get LASIK just to make your Halloween better (not to mention less blurry.) However, you can add it to a long list of things made more inconvenient by the need for glasses.

Sure, contact lenses can be a solution for those who don’t feel ready for LASIK but want to go glass free. But what if your contact lenses fall out? Do you want to carry eye drops around with you? Do you want to deal with the discomfort on what is supposed to be a fun night? Plus, they aren’t actually very cost effective. And all of those cool special effects contact lenses? You can still wear those after LASIK (just make sure they’re properly fitted).

After LASIK, you’re free to do whatever you like during Halloween. Still want to dress up as Buddy Holly? Well, the great thing is that you can still wear glasses. You just won’t need them, and when you take them off, you’re still able to see your friend’s faces. Imagine that!

Why Not?

While we think LASIK is an amazing solution to your Halloween costume woes, it isn’t always the best procedure for everyone. For people who are not perfect candidates for LASIK surgery, it may be better to go with a procedure like PRK or Clear Lens Exchange. Our vision correction experts at Loden Vision Centers are here to help you every step of the way – including choosing the right vision correction method.

Are you interested in LASIK surgery or another method of vision correction? Contact Loden Vision Center at one of our many locations in Nashville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville and more!