Young woman smiling after LASIK

Are you contemplating getting LASIK? Are you wondering if it’s worth the investment?

When thinking about getting elective surgery, patients often wonder if it’s worth it. Getting an elective surgery is expensive. How do you know if it’s worth the financial investment?

Having any type of surgery is a huge deal! With any procedure, we usually weigh the pros and cons. We’re most likely to do this for elective procedures.

Elective procedures are our choice and patients usually have to pay for them out of pocket. Keep reading to learn about 7 reasons you should invest in LASIK!

1. Save Money

While the initial investment of LASIK can be scary, it will actually help you save money over time. LASIK has an upfront cost, but once you pay that, there are no more costs associated with it.

Over time you save money because you aren’t paying for glasses and contacts. On average, did you know that most people pay about $500 per year for glasses and contacts?

Now think about what you could do if you no longer had to pay for that every year. What could you do with $500 extra in your pocket?

2. Have a Better Quality of Life

Getting LASIK improves your quality of life. LASIK eye surgery improves so many small things.

For example, LASIK patients usually no longer need glasses or contact lenses to see. You will finally have visual freedom.

Post-surgery, you can play sports without worrying about contacts falling out. You can say goodbye to concerns that you’ll somehow break your glasses, too!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up and be able to see the world with nothing holding you back.

3. Improved Vision

Most patients have better vision post-surgery than they did with glasses or contacts. Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better!

Thanks to technological advancements, LASIK only becomes more accurate. That means better results for patients!

4. Spend Less Time Getting Ready

Ever wondered what it would be like to shave without needing glasses or contacts? Or how much easier it would be to put on makeup if you didn’t wear glasses or contacts?

With LASIK you will be able to see clearly and do all the steps in your routine that you need to get ready for the day.

5. Increased Confidence

For some patients, they don’t like how they look with glasses. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

Confidence isn’t only tied into looks, it also encompasses how you feel. If you’ve never liked how you look with glasses, LASIK solves this problem. Who wouldn’t want more self-confidence?

6. Buy Nicer Sunglasses

Post-surgery, it is important to continue to take care of your eyes. One way to do this is by investing in a nicer pair of sunglasses. It’s hard to do this when you have to wear prescription sunglasses. But when you get LASIK, you can buy any pair of sunglasses you want!

Sunglasses should be polarized, fit comfortably, and match your personality. You want sunglasses that protect your eyes and look good! Make sure any sunglasses you buy have enough UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s rays.

7. Travel

Traveling with contacts and glasses can be stressful! LASIK means you can say goodbye to freaking out about your forgotten contact solution.

After LASIK, traveling will be easier and simpler. There will be fewer things to worry about while packing. Improving your life with LASIK can make it easier to enjoy vacations!

Are you ready to invest in your quality of life? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN today!