Eye Doctor performing an eye exam

Eye Exam in Nashville, TN

Does looking at things far away seem blurry? Do you find yourself wondering when your last eye exam was?

If you can’t even remember when your last eye exam was, that’s a sign it’s been too long since your last one! About half of the people around the world need some type of vision correction.

That’s a lot of people! For many of these people, the conditions or vision issues could have been prevented or fixed. If you’re wondering when your last eye exam was, here are some signs it’s been too long.

Blurry Vision

When looking at objects far away or close up becomes difficult, your vision has changed. Over time, we can become near or farsighted.

If objects close up and far away are difficult to see, it is possible that you have astigmatism. If your blurry vision is minor, try to rest your eyes and keep your body hydrated.

Issues Looking at Screens

During the day, many of us look at screens for hours. Sometimes after using screens for a long time, it can become hard to see.

When this happens, try the 20-20-20 rule. You look 20 feet away for 20 seconds about every 20 minutes. If these problems continue, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

These could be signs of eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Difficulty Seeing at Night

If you drive at night without issues and then it becomes more challenging, you could have cataracts. Having frequent eye exams is the best way to detect and check any eye conditions.

Trouble Going from Brightness and Dark Rooms

For some people, it can be harder for their eyes to adjust from being in a dark room to going outside. You may experience difficulty if you leave a movie theatre and then go outside.

In this situation, it can be more difficult for your eyes to transition from dark to light. If this happens to you, it could mean the muscles in your iris are becoming weak. This is often due to aging.

Eye Strain or Fatigue

If you squint, blink a lot, or have blurry vision, your eyes could be straining to see clearly. Eye strain can be activity-based, like if you read a lot or look at a screen too long.

Make sure that you take breaks while doing activities. If you take breaks and your eyes still feel tired, tell your eye doctor.

Frequent Headaches

If you experience frequent headaches, you may have problems with the part of your eye that focuses. When focusing, the smaller muscles may be overworking themselves, causing fatigue and headaches. You may also experience headaches if you squint a lot as well.

Double Vision

It’s never good if you start seeing double. Why you’re seeing double can depend though. It could mean that there’s a problem with your eye muscles or your cornea.

It can also be a sign that you’ve started developing cataracts.

Your Contacts or Glasses Aren’t Helping

If you wear contacts or glasses, you should be able to see well. But if you find that wearing them doesn’t help you see better, it’s time to go to the eye doctor. Wearing an old prescription isn’t good for your eye health.

Getting frequent eye exams is the key to maintaining healthy eyes. Need to book an eye exam? Schedule yours at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN!