When you have cataract surgery, you have the natural lens in your eye removed. Removing the lens also eliminates the cataract that’s formed inside it.

Luckily, you aren’t left without a lens in your eye when you have cataract surgery. Instead, you have the natural lens replaced. It’s replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens or IOL.

IOLs come in many different varieties. One of the newest IOLs is the Eyhance. It’s a unique IOL that can give you the ability to see well and is perfect for anyone who can’t decide between a standard and premium IOL.

Keep reading to learn more about how the Eyhance IOL works and to find out if it may be the right choice for you!

Standard IOLs vs. Premium IOLs

What do we mean when we talk about standard IOLs and premium IOLs? Standard IOLs come in one form, which is the monofocal lens.

Monofocal lenses are uniform, and each lens is set to a specific focal point. The focal point determines how well the user can see at that point.

The closer it is, the better they can see up close. The farther it is, the better they can see at a distance.

When most people get monofocals lenses, they get one lens in one eye set with a near focal point and the other eye set with a further focal point.

Monovision and Monofocal IOLs

This results in monovision. Monovision allows the wearer to have decent vision at most distances. However, they may still need to wear reading glasses to see up close.

Premium IOLs are IOLs that are often more advanced. They may eliminate the need for reading glasses by offering clear close-up vision. They come in many varieties. These can include multifocals, trifocals, and accommodative lenses, among others.

Premium IOLs are great for people who want clear vision without reading glasses. Like any choice, they have drawbacks. It can be hard to choose between the standard monofocal option and a premium IOL. But the Eyhance IOL can help. The Eyhance lens is essentially a marriage between a monofocal and premium lens.

What is the Eyhance Lens?

The Eyhance IOL is a monofocal lens. However, it’s different from a standard monofocal.

With monofocals, you need different lenses in either eye to achieve monovision. But the Eyhance IOL lets you have the same kind of lens in both eyes.

How is this achieved? Instead of being a uniform lens only set to one focal point, it’s set to one focal point on the edge of the lens. It then transitions to a nearer focal point as it gets closer to the middle.

This design is simple but lets you see better than if you had standard monofocals. That’s because your vision and your ability to see isn’t contingent upon both your eyes working together.

Why Should You Choose the Eyhance IOL?

There are many reasons to choose the Eyhance IOL over both a standard monofocal lens and a premium lens. The design of the Eyhance lens is superior to standard monofocals and offers you clearer vision at a broader range of distances.

Users of the Eyhance IOL may sometimes still need reading glasses to see very up close. However, the Eyhance lens still has advantages over premium lenses that may eliminate this need.

Premium lenses can help you see very well, and many can reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses altogether. But premium lenses can cause glare and halos due to imperfections in the lens.

Advantages of the Eyhance IOL Over Premium IOLs

Experiencing glare or halos with premium IOLs is rare and won’t always severely affect your vision, but visual disturbances are more likely to happen when you get a premium lens. Both standard monofocal lenses and the Eyhance IOL don’t carry this risk, so you’re much less likely to experience visual disturbances with monofocals.

Monofocal IOLs are also usually better than choosing a premium lens if you’re someone who uses electronics frequently. Premium lenses tend to give you your best vision up close, but screens are best viewed at a slight distance to avoid eye strain.

Premium lenses can encourage you to sit too close to the screen. Monofocals offer better vision at a slight distance. For those that spend the most time in front of computers or their television, it’s easier and safer to use monovision.

But the Eyhance IOL is still undoubtedly superior to the standard monofocal. It offers better night vision and better vision in general than standard monofocals.

It has an extended depth of focus. Having an extended depth of focus means you can see better at a wider range of distances. Having a better field of vision makes it easier to see clearly when doing most activities that don’t require up-close focus, like reading.

The Eyhance IOL is Also Available in a Toric Model for Astigmatism

The Eyhance IOL also comes in a toric version. Toric models of IOLs are specifically designed to correct astigmatism if you have that refractive error.

The toric model of the Eyhance offers all the benefits of the regular version but can also correct a certain degree of astigmatism. With the Eyhance IOL, you can come out of cataract surgery with better vision than ever!

If you’re struggling to decide between monofocals and premium lenses, give yourself a third choice by considering the Eyhance IOL. It offers the simplicity and versatility of the standard monofocal and the enhanced vision of a premium lens.

Find out if this new intraocular lens could be right for you by scheduling a cataract evaluation at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, today! Stop letting cataracts have the last say in your eyesight!