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Eyhance IOL

Are you or a loved one thinking about having cataract surgery? An essential part of the process is choosing an intraocular lens or IOL.  Loden Vision Centers is excited to announce we are now offering the new Eyhance monofocal lens as an option to our cataract patients! 

What is the Eyhance Lens?

TECNIS Eyehance IOL - With TECNIS Simplicity Delivery System Logo

Many people who have cataract surgery choose a monofocal lens, a uniform lens designed to help you see either at a distance or up close.  Since this only allows you to see at one distance, this means many patients choose monovision with their monofocal lens. Choosing monovision means you have one eye set for seeing at a distance and the other eye set for seeing up close. The result is being able to see well at intermediate distances. Monofocal IOLs are the standard IOL covered by insurance with the cost of cataract surgery. 

Premium IOLs usually cost extra, but they provide sharper vision and may eliminate the need for reading glasses. It can be challenging to choose between the two, and that’s where the Eyhance lens comes in. The Eyhance lens is a specially designed monofocal lens. Instead of having a uniform lens, it’s set to one refractive power on the lens’s edges and then transitions to a different refractive power in the middle of the lens. The result is improved distance vision, both far away and at a middle distance.

What Does the Eyhance Lens Offer Over Other Lenses?

Premium IOLs offer a variety of benefits over standard IOLs. But many have higher incidences of post-surgery visual disturbances than standard monofocal lenses. Some premium IOLs can cause you to see halos and increased glare due to imperfections in the lens itself. The Eyhance is a monofocal IOL, so it doesn’t have this problem. 

It’s also an improvement on the previous standard monofocal IOL. Not only does it provide better distance vision, but it allows you to see better at night as well.  With the Eyhance lens, you may still need reading glasses, but you get the benefits of sharper vision and a lower risk of visual disturbances. The Eyhance lens is new and now available at Loden Vision Centers. 

If you’re looking for affordable cataract surgery in Gallatin or Nashville, there’s no better place to go.

Who is the Eyhance IOL Right For?

The Eyhance intraocular lens is perfect for anyone who wants the most out of cataract surgery without having to pay out of pocket for a premium lens. The Eyhance lens is still a monofocal lens, but it bridges the gap between monofocal lenses and premium lenses.  If you’re having trouble choosing between a monofocal lens and a premium lens, the Eyhance lens may be right for you. While patients with Eyhance lenses may need reading glasses, they have clear vision for almost all everyday activities that don’t require close focus. These activities range from using the computer or watching TV to driving, shopping, and cooking. 

Whether it’s for work or leisure, the Eyhance lens has you covered with sharp vision without the need for regular glasses or contacts. If you don’t mind using reading glasses on occasion and having great vision the rest of the time, you may want to consider the Eyhance lens!

Want to learn more about this exciting new lens? Schedule an appointment at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, today!

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