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Symfony IOL

Wondering what your options are when it comes to intraocular lenses? One option is the Symfony intraocular lens.

How Does the Symfony IOL Work?

Intraocular lenses, or IOLs, work similarly to a pair of glasses by changing the way light refracts through your eye. The lenses operate at different refractive powers. Having these different refractive powers allows you to see things better up close or far away. The distance the lens lets you see best at is called a focal point. 

The Symfony IOL is a premium IOL that allows you to see well up close, far away, at a middle distance, and anywhere in between. With most IOLs, your vision is best when looking at the exact focal point of your IOL. But with the Symfony IOL, you can see just as well anywhere within the extended range. How is this possible? It’s all possible thanks to the elongated focal point of the lens.

The Symfony IOL is what’s called an Extended Depth of Focus lens. Instead of having the refractive power set to just one focal point, you can see clearly anywhere within a range with the Symfony lens. 

Who is the Symfony IOL for?

Like other IOLs, the Symfony lens is for adults with presbyopia, commonly known as age-related farsightedness. It’s also for those with cataracts.  Since presbyopia and cataracts are both age-related conditions, many adults who have cataracts also have presbyopia. People with presbyopia often have to rely on reading glasses for everyday tasks like reading. Some premium IOLs are designed to minimize this need.

If you spend a lot of time working on the computer, ophthalmologists sometimes recommend standard monofocal lenses. Choosing these lenses will allow you to see best at a middle distance.  But the problem with these lenses is that they won’t give you the best vision if you need to see well up close. If you use screens often and want to read and complete other up-close tasks without relying on reading glasses, the Symfony lens may be for you.  The premium intraocular lens allows for clear vision whether you’re working up close or further away. The Symfony lens is a premium IOL, meaning it will cost more than a standard monofocal IOL. 

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A monofocal IOL is covered by insurance, as well as Medicare, during cataract surgery. But most patients who opt for a Symfony IOL find the price is well worth it. While the Symfony IOL isn’t offered everywhere, we have you covered at Loden Vision Centers if you’re looking for cataract surgery in the Nashville area!

Why Choose the Symfony IOL over other IOLs?

There are many premium IOL options available. The Symfony lens is not suitable for everyone, but it does have several benefits worth considering. The Symfony lens provides clear vision in daylight and at night.  Other IOLs may cause trouble with night vision. The shape of the lens and the material also corrects aberrations that cause light to break up when it passes through the lens. This means that the Symfony IOL causes fewer visual problems while offering clear vision over a broader range.  If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or other digital devices, this premium IOL is certainly worth talking to your eye doctor about!

Ready to learn more about the Symfony lens? Request a cataract screening at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN!

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