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Light Adjustable Lens

Are cataracts beginning to interfere with your eyesight? If you haven’t already, it may be time to discuss cataract surgery with your eye doctor.

The eye doctors at Loden Vision Centers have decades of experience performing cataract surgery. We offer the best IOLs for your procedure, including the new Light Adjustable Lens (LAL).

What is an IOL?

When you have cataracts, they cloud your natural lens, which blocks your vision. During cataract surgery, the surgeon will replace your natural lens with an intraocular lens or IOL.

The IOL that you choose for cataract surgery will significantly impact your vision after the procedure. Your eye doctor will help you find the best lens for your vision goals and lifestyle.

One of the lenses they will tell you about is the new Light Adjustable Lens from RxSight. After your eyes have healed, you can adjust the lenses to your desired vision. The LAL is the only intraocular lens that adjusts your sight after cataract surgery.

It gives you the power to customize your vision while also reducing your need for glasses altogether. Most people with LALs can read, use the computer, watch television, and more without any extra correction.

Chart Illustrating How the Light Adjustable Lens Curves UV Light

How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

Before cataract surgery with other IOLs, your eye doctor determines the strength of the prescription and placement of the lenses. These calculations are scientific, but they are projections.

There is no way to tell for sure the best prescription and placement of an IOL until it’s in your eye. Unfortunately, with other IOLs, there is no way to adjust the lens after surgery. Even if the prescription or placement was off, the lens is there for good, and you can’t make any adjustments. You could need glasses or contacts if the IOL is not providing you with clear vision.

Because the Light Adjustable Lens is customizable, it eliminates the guesswork of correction strength and IOL placement inside your eye. Customization allows you to test drive different vision settings in the lens to find the clearest eyesight for you. When you find your ideal vision, your eye doctor locks it into the lens.

How Does The Light Adjustable Lens Customize Vision?

When your eye has healed from cataract surgery after two-three weeks, you return to your eye doctor’s office to begin the customization process. The Light Adjustable Lens gets adjusted in your eye doctor’s office using a UV laser that changes the shape of the lens. When the lenses get struck by UV light, they bend and curve in different ways. Your eye doctor calculates how the lens will change shape, which considers how the lens will shift before they adjust it.

Customizing your LALs takes two to four adjustments that are about ninety seconds each. Each appointment is three days after the last one until you find a vision setting that is perfect for you. You must wear UV light blocking glasses to prevent adjustments outside the office until you lock in your settings. Your ophthalmologist will give you two pairs.

One is a pair of sunglasses for wearing outside, and one is a pair of clear UV blockers for inside and nighttime use. You can only take the glasses off when you’re sleeping, putting in eyedrops, and showering. If you don’t wear these during all waking hours, the Light Adjustable Lens will not correct your vision. Once you lock in your vision settings, you’ll no longer need to wear the UV-blocking glasses provided by your eye doctor.

Schedule a cataract screening at Loden Vision Centers in Nashville, TN, today! Ask your eye doctor about the revolutionary Light Adjustable Lens and determine if it could be right for you.

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