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Vivity IOL

Do you have cataracts? You may have heard of a new, exciting intraocular lens option now offered at Loden Vision Centers called the AcrySof IQ Vivity IOL to our cataract surgery patients!

What is the Vivity IOL?

The Vivity IOL is a multifocal lens, but unlike other kinds of multifocal IOLs, it’s non-diffractive. A diffractive multifocal lens is broken up into sections that each have alternating focal points.  The rings come out of the center of the lens. The Vivity lens has a unique design thanks to its proprietary X-Wave technology.  It is the use of this exclusive technology that makes the Vivity lens smoother. The Vivity IOL can transition from one refractive power to another seamlessly. Its seamless transition ensures that you never experience a vision gap or any abrupt breaks from ring to ring from the alternating focal points. When you choose the Vivity lens, you can see very well at intermediate distances and when you need to see up-close.

The Vivity IOL is the first and only non-diffractive extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL. Your range of vision is constantly being stretched and shifted, so the light never splits. When you’re looking at things around you, it means that you can see the world around you crisply and sharply.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Vivity IOL?

Some patients who opt for a premium IOL are looking to eliminate the need for reading glasses. The Vivity IOL doesn’t necessarily do this. But it is ideal for anyone who has presbyopia and also has cataracts. Someone right for the Vivity lens wants to see well while completing everyday activities without regular glasses.

The Vivity lens is perfect if you want to use electronics as it allows you to sit at a healthy distance from your screen and still see it clearly. Anyone with a busy, modern lifestyle who doesn’t mind using reading glasses when necessary is likely a good candidate for the Vivity IOL. It’s important to note that the only way to know for sure if the Vivity lens is right for you is to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at Loden Vision Centers.

What are the Advantages of the Vivity IOL?

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Thinking that the Vivity lens sounds like it may be the right choice for you? There are plenty of other advantages besides being perfect for everyday electronics-users.  The Vivity lens features lens filters against blue light and UV light from computer screens and sunlight. It’s also been proven to have a lower incidence of post-surgical visual aberrations, like glare, halos, and starbursts.  Some other popular types of premium IOLs have a higher risk for these kinds of issues, but the Vivity lens doesn’t. Have astigmatism? The Vivity IOL also comes in a toric lens, which is specifically designed to correct astigmatism.  You could have your best vision ever, thanks to choosing these advanced lenses. If you have any doubts, you should know that over 90% of patients who have already chosen the Vivity lens would recommend it to friends and family getting cataract surgery.

If you’re seeking cataract surgery and the Vivity IOL sounds perfect for you, consider Loden Vision Centers. We offer the Vivity IOL along with several advanced premium IOLs and are conveniently located for anyone in the Nashville or Gallatin area. Schedule a cataract screening with us today!

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