lasik facts

LASIK surgery is actually one of the most common elective procedures worldwide. It is used as an option to treat vision problems and has been approved since the mid-90’s. 80 percent of adults in the United States are candidates for LASIK surgery.

Have you ever thought about getting LASIK surgery but something held you back? Maybe it was fear of the unknown or maybe you were concerned about the cost. If so, this blog post was written for you!

Let’s look at five LASIK facts to keep handy when considering the surgery:

  • You get what you pay for

Many people are concerned about the price of LASIK. And it’s not cheap; on average, LASIK costs $2000 per eye. Because it is an elective surgery, most insurance companies won’t pay for it.

If you are serious about having LASIK, the price should be the last thing you are concerned about. Focus on finding an experienced surgeon who you feel comfortable with and then work out the pricing. It is worth it to pay more to have your surgery done correctly the first time.

  • The procedure is quick

Many people are surprised by how little time the surgery itself takes. It takes roughly five minutes per eye.

You will have to spend some time being monitored in recovery after the procedure is over. And you will need to have a friend or family member there to drive you home after.

  • LASIK is a painless procedure

You may feel some discomfort while you are recovering but the surgery itself is painless. Your doctor will give you numbing eye drops so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Most patients report feeling pressure but no pain.

  • The recovery time is short

It could take up to six months for you to make a full recovery. But most patients begin feeling better within a few days. And the best part is that your vision improves immediately so you can start enjoying clear vision from day one.

  • There is a blade-free option

Traditionally, your surgeon would create the corneal flap in your eye using a blade called a microkeratome. But in 2003, the femtosecond laser was introduced eliminates the use of the blade. Blade-free LASIK is more precise and virtually eliminates potential complications associated with using the microkeratome.

We hope you enjoyed learning a few more LASIK facts, but blog post can only do so much to help you determine whether or not LASIK is right for you. To learn more, contact our Nashville, TN office and schedule a LASIK consultation with one of our expert LASIK doctors! Here at Loden, our patients care, comfort and safety always come first. Discover how Loden Vision can help you achieve your vision goals through LASIK surgery!