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Deciding to get LASIK is a pretty big deal, especially if you have worn glasses since childhood! Laser eye surgery has helped millions of people see without glasses or contacts.

But like any surgery, not everyone will be a good candidate for LASIK. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into LASIK candidacy!

LASIK Eligibility

Though you may want LASIK, it may not be right for you. There are strict requirements in place for LASIK eligibility. To be approved for LASIK, you’ll need to undergo a comprehensive LASIK consultation. Requirements for LASIK candidacy include:

  • Being in good health
  • Being over the age of 18
  • Not being pregnant, currently lactating, or planning to become pregnant
  • Having a stable prescription for at least one year before undergoing LASIK

If you are a good candidate, you will qualify for most of the factors above. You’ll also have your corneal thickness tested to see if LASIK is safe for you.

If your corneas are too thin, you may be a better candidate for a procedure called PRK. Only your LASIK surgeon can tell you if you’re a good candidate for LASIK.

Finding a LASIK Surgeon

Once you decide to have LASIK, you need to find a good LASIK surgeon if you’re a candidate. But how do you know what to look for in a LASIK surgeon?

A good place to start is often the internet. Obviously, you should take everything on the internet with a grain of salt, but it’s a helpful tool.

You can look at testimonials from patients who have undergone LASIK, as well as reviews. You can also ask friends and family who have had LASIK for a referral.

Ask them if they liked their LASIK surgeon and if they are happy with their results. Most eye doctors can also recommend LASIK surgeons that they regularly work with.


Your lifestyle can play a big factor in your decision to explore your LASIK surgery options. If you are an amateur or professional athlete, swim, or are a first-responder, LASIK may be right for you.

LASIK can make any of these activities easier, and even safer if you are a first-responder!

Leading an active lifestyle is one of many reasons someone may want to undergo LASIK. As long as you’re looking to ditch your glasses and contacts and are a candidate, it’s worth exploring!

Reasons for Wanting LASIK

  • Convenience
  • Saving money in the long-run
  • No more broken glasses and repair costs
  • No more lost contact lenses and replacement costs
  • Because you want to make your life easier


LASIK cost can vary based on location, as well as the level of correction needed. Make sure to ask any questions you have about cost during your consultation.

You can also get answers to questions about the procedure and what to expect. Most practices offer LASIK financing to make the cost of LASIK more affordable.

It’s important to know that LASIK is an elective procedure. This means that you’ll need to pay for LASIK out of pocket since insurance doesn’t cover it.

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