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Every year around this time, there’s a frenzy as people are trying to decide what their New Year’s resolution is going to be. Are you committing to going to the gym every week? Committing to a new, healthy diet? Maybe you want to develop your skills in a certain area or save up your money. These are all great things! However, according to U.S. News, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. 80 percent! Life gets in the way of our good intentions. So why not resolve to do something that life can’t get in the way of?

LASIK surgery is an easy commitment to make. You go in for a consultation. You go in for your surgery. You go in for a few follow-up appointments. You get back to living your life. That’s it! Thinking about getting LASIK in 2018? Keep reading.

How Simple Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is simple, effective and requires little to no downtime. Resolving to say goodbye to your glasses and contact lenses has never been easier than it is today. If 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, why not go for something a little more fail-proof?

The Steps to LASIK – Start to Finish

Before you can schedule your LASIK surgery, you need to schedule your consultation. During this consultation, your potential LASIK surgeon here at Loden will examine your eyes and determine whether or not LASIK is right for you. There are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before being given the green light. To get LASIK, you must:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Not be pregnant or nursing
  • Be willing and able to follow proper aftercare instructions
  • Be free of eye diseases like dry eye syndrome, keratoconus, and glaucoma
  • Be overall healthy

If you are cleared for LASIK surgery, one of our LASIK coordinators will help you schedule your surgery date! Your surgeon will send you off with some instructions on what to do to prepare for your LASIK surgery and a few prescriptions to pick up beforehand.

On the day of your surgery, you will come right to our Nashville office. There, your eyes will be prepared and local anesthetic will be administered. One of your prescriptions is for a mild oral sedative, which you can take before your procedure to calm your nerves.

The surgery begins with your surgeon creating a thin, circular flap on the surface of the cornea. This is done using a specialized laser called a femtosecond laser. Creating the flap takes only a few seconds. Once the flap is created, you are moved over to an excimer laser which will gently reshape the surface of your eye to improve vision. Once the proper adjustments have been made, you’re done! The procedure takes less than 20 minutes and the whole visit should be under an hour.

You will rest for a few moments at the office before heading home. You should have someone there to drive you back, as your vision will be blurry. You should see improvements in vision soon after surgery, and you should be able to return to everyday activities the very next day!

Are you interested in starting your New Year off with crystal clear vision? Loden Vision Centers can help. Contact our Nashville location to schedule your LASIK consultation and start your journey to the best vision of your life!