With so many choices in vision care providers, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options. You may decide on a practice because of the office location, a referral from a friend, or simply because of a review you read on the Internet. Whatever the criteria, it’s safe to say that the higher the standard of care, the better the practice will be. And at Loden Vision Centers™, we aim to achieve the highest standards to give our patients outstanding eye care. Our expert capabilities, technology, and reputation allow us to serve a variety of needs and put our patients first. Click here to read more about the “Loden difference.”

1. Expert Surgical Care

  • At Loden Vision Centers, we are committed to providing expert surgical care to our patients. Our team of surgeons has the skills and reputation you can trust. Here are some of the outstanding qualifications our team brings to the table:
  • Dr. James C. Loden was the first LASIK™ surgeon in Tennessee and is recognized as the most experienced custom LASIK surgeon in the state
  • Dr. Loden was the inventor and first surgeon to perform bladeless iCataract™ surgery
  • Dr. Loden is recognized among the top 10% of Lifestyle Lens surgeons in the nation
  • Dr. Terrence Doherty was the first surgeon in Tennessee to perform Intralase™ Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK), or cornea transplants with a femtosecond laser
  • Dr. Loden and Dr. Doherty are both fellowship trained in LASIK, having completed additional training in corneal refractive procedures.
  • Loden Vision Centers’ team of ophthalmologists have been in practice since 1999 and have performed more than 100,000 refractive vision procedures
  • Loden Vision Centers features greater Nashville and Tennessee’s most experienced Lifestyle Lens surgeons

2. Only the Best Technology

If you had access to the most state-of-the-art technology, would you choose second or third best? Hopefully, you would answer that question with a resounding “No!” At Loden Vision Centers, we strive to use the best technology in all of our surgical procedures in order to provide the highest standards in vision care. Our technology speaks for itself:

  • All-Laser, 100% blade-free LASIK with the IntraLase™ iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser, which creates a flap with the safety and accuracy of a computer-controlled, cold beam laser
  • Cutting-edge VISX STAR S4™ IR Excimer Laser with iris recognition software that locks onto the iris automatically and tracks the eye continuously 250 times per second, ensuring the treatment is accurate
  • Advanced CustomVue™ technology, which personalizes every procedure to each patient’s eyes, resulting in the best visual outcomes
    Bladeless iCataract Surgery that uses the same technology as LASIK to remove cataracts, providing precision, predictability, and fantastic outcomes

3. Reputation—Voted Nashville’s “Best LASIK Doctor”

Take a look at our testimonials and track record among patients, and you’ll see why our high standards have caused so many patients to turn to us for their vision care needs. By aiming for the highest standards in technology, staff, surgical expertise, and patient care, we have received the designation as Nashville’s Best LASIK Doctor (voted “Best LASIK Doctor” in Toast of Music City Awards, 2009-2015). Plus, we continue to offer personalized care that patients have trusted for years. Check out our testimonials to learn more.

Loden Vision Centers Raises the Bar on Vision Care

With our expertise and high standards, our goal is to offer you the very best in eye care so that you can experience the JOY of clear vision. Whether you come in for a general eye exam, LASIK surgery, or a cataract procedure, you will receive outstanding care from our expert team of surgeons along with top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology. Call Loden Vision Centers today at (615) 559-4242 or click here to schedule an appointment and experience the “Loden difference” firsthand!