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5 stars Recommended
Exactly as they describe it to you. A little discomfort for a few hours but after that it is MORE than worth it to wake up and be able to see! Friendly and comforting staff help make the whole process much less stressful! Would 1000% recommend to anyone and everyone!

5 stars 5
Great experience. Awesome staff. Always smiling.

5 stars 5
Very professional and caring.

5 stars 5
Great staff, they help you out with all your vision needs. Love the doctors

5 stars 5
I am 45 and have had to wear glasses from 16 years of age until last week! I have never been able to see past 2 feet in front of me. Now 7 days after my monovision lazik, I am typing on this smartphone clear as it can be without glasses or readers! Sitting here on my front porch admiring all the homes this spring day and I can clearly see each brick and leaf on the trees! Truly a life changing quick and easy procedure I would recommend. Great staff; very friendly and professional!

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