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5 stars 5
This review is about 1.5 years past due....Anyway, Loden Vision is a wonderful and safe place to get iLasik eye surgery. My vision is still 20/15, 1.5 years after the surgery! That is better than 20/20 if you don't know eye lingo. <br>My vision wasn't horrible to start with. I never had success with contacts and I was constantly losing my glasses and people were having to read distant menu boards for me. I decided to bite the bullet and get the procedure done. <br>It is a multi-step process. You first get evaluated to see if you are a candidate for iLasik. I think you go in a second time for some sort of eye tests, my memory is a bit foggy on that one...but not my eyes:). Lastly, you go in for the procedure. It was really scary to me. Once I was in the room where Dr. Loden does the surgery, I was thinking, "WTF am I doing here?!" <br>There is a machine that holds your eye open and then a laser cuts the flap and Dr. Loden does his magic. My vision goes gray and he says that I will start seeing a pulsing light and I DID! Woot! For a minute there, I thought I was blind in one eye for life. Then they do it to the next eye. <br>After that, my husband drives me home. I take the prescribed Ambien and go to sleep. I never take medicine. So after several hours I wake up and order 7 different Groupons ranging from Comedy shows to B12 injections. I say the Ambien made me do it:). <br>My vision was great after that and it is still great! It was expensive, but I definitely recommend.

5 stars Recommended
The people, the procedure, and most of all the outcome are absolutely phenomenal! Dr Loden and his staff could not be more friendly or professional. If you are wearing glasses or contacts go see them...waking up and being able to see less than 24 hours after surgery is the best feeling ever!!!

5 stars 5
I had cataract surgery 2-4-16. I was scared to death about having the procedure done. My daughter had Lasik with Dr. Loden in August 2015. She assured me that I would be just fine. Her words, He gave me superpower eye sight (20/15) and you will be good too. On the am of 2-5-16 I was 20/20 and refracted to 20/15. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Dr. Loden and all of your staff!

5 stars 5
good doctor Amish purohit

5 stars Recommended
So thankful for Dr. Loden & ALL of his wonderful staff. My LASIK experience was so awesome. Everyone was so compassionate & caring. Thanks so much for taking great care of me !! HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

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