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5 stars Recommended
The place treated me great. Procedure was very fast and easy. Smooth process. Everything was clear and all my questions were answered they were even asked.

5 stars 5
I had a good experience with Dr. Loden and his staff and am very pleased with the results of my surgery.

5 stars 5
Wonderful experience! I could not be happier with my vision after Cataract surgery with Dr Loden. The staff is very friendly and go above and beyond to be helpful and kind. I would recommend Dr Loden and his amazing staff to everyone!

5 stars 5
I did not know how blind I was until I had cataract surgery with Loden Vision. I can see to drive at night and do not need my bifocals anymore. Praises for Dr. Loden and his team for doing this for me.

4 stars 4
Today was my first visit here. The staff was incredibly friendly. I've had glasses and contacts for years so I'm not new to the optical world. The only thing that is preventing me from going back is the girl they have in optical. After politely telling her twice that I wanted to browse until ready, she stood there awkwardly shoulder to shoulder until I decided on a pair. Then she kept trying to upsell me. I finally told her I would purchase online. She then tried to discredit online retailers instead of selling the benefits of purchasing through Loden. I appreciate her attempt but it was so uncomfortable and awkward. I secretly hoped the gentleman would finish with his patient so he could help me. I've been in sales for over 10 years and this girl didn't recognize social cues or that her customer would have purchased had she backed off. If I return, it will be to work with the guy there, not that girl.

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