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5 stars Recommended
I had my LASIK done a week ago and have been telling everyone about my experience at Loden Vision. I felt I was very well taken care of, everyone was so friendly and very professional. Dr. Loden made me feel so calm during the surgery, I had complete faith I was in good hands.

5 stars Recommended
The first time I looked into LASIK I was in my 20's. I had 2 different opthamologist tell me I was not a good candidate for LASIK and that my eyes were so dry I wouldn't be able to stand the pain of the healing process. In my 30's and 2 kids later wearing glasses was even more of a hassle. I heard about i LASIK and Dr. Loden through a commercial on the radio and went for a consultation. Dr. Loden did not see my dry eyes as a problem and said he could give me 20/20 vision or my money back! He came through on his guarantee and then some...I had 20/15 vision at my last visit. My surgery and healing process were a breeze. Honestly! I've had more discomfort in a spa chair getting a pedicure. Glad I chose Dr. Loden it was worth every penny.

5 stars Recommended
I love the results of my LASIK! It is so nice to wake up and not have to wear contacts or glasses to see more than a blur! Dr. Loden and his staff were always wonderful to me and answered my questions and concerns very promptly (and I am a needy patient so I had A LOT). I definitely reccomend them at any point I can!

5 stars 5
I researched Dr. Loden and a couple other local offices before choosing to use Loden Vision for my eye LASIK. Everything about my experience here was perfect. I had a horrible astigmatism, and my vision was 4.50 and 5.75. Hours after the procedure, I had perfect vision. Everyone on staff made me feel at home and comfortable about the procedure. I felt extremely informed about the process and what to expect before during and after the procedure. Every single person in the building was friendly and professional, they all seemed incredibly informed about the procedure, process and what my expectations should be. I truly felt like a member of their family, and my big brother was going to do my surgery. Only my big brother was one of the best eye surgeons in the country. Dr. Loden and his staff truly give the gift of sight. I will forever be grateful for my experience there. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering LASIK.

5 stars Recommended
The staff and Dr. Loden are absolutely amazing. They answered all my questions and put me completely at ease during all the steps of Lasik process. I highly recommend them to anyone even considering eye surgery.

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