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5 stars 5
Professional, thoughtful, and comprehensive.

5 stars 5
Great experience! Super friendly staff and very reassuring during the LASIK procedure!

5 stars 5
This is a wonderful place to go for eye care. Very loving staff and doctors. This was my first time there and they make you feel right at home. My first visit was warming and comfortable . Dr loden is the best eye doctor that I ever had. He was very kind and his work is amazing I could see good but I can see very good now. I recommend everyone to loden you can't go wrong because you get the best care . Thank you soo much loden vision.

5 stars 5
I had a great experience getting LASIK at Loden Vision Center in Green Hills. I was a very anxious patient and was nervous about the risks of the procedure, even though they are remote. I had a chance to express my concerns to Dr. Loden, and he talked me through them. The procedure itself went quickly and smoothly, and within a week I was just about back to normal. It is truly miraculous! I can see better than I have in 25 years with no discomfort at all. Wish I had done it years ago!

5 stars 5
Getting LASIK was one of the best decisions Ive ever made in my life! My prescription was -8 in each eye, with -3 astigmatism, and now Im seeing 20/10 one month laterif thats not a miracle, I dont know what is! The procedure itself is not for the faint of heartwhen they cut the corneal flap, it feels like having a pen jammed in your eye, and then you lose vision in that eye for about 30-40 seconds, but it comes back. Just have them wait to start the other eye until it does, if you get scared. It also stings to put the medicated drops in for 3-4 dayskind of like hand sanitizer on paper cuts, which makes sense because a laser is cutting your eye. I did not see 20/20 the day after my procedureit took about a week for me because my prescription was so bad before the surgery. So, be patient! I saw 20/15 within one week and improved to 20/10 3 weeks later. I see barely any glare around lights at night, too. LASIK is SO worth it, and Id recommend Loden Vision to anyoneand already have, to many!

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