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5 stars 5
My experience was amazing. I was expecting the procedure to take much longer than it did and have much more pain the next day. I was mind blown at how easy and fast the LASIK procedure was and I am seeing 20/20 now the day after. Dr. Loden expects my vision to improve even more in the coming week. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone that is scared to pursue LASIK. I am confident that Dr. Loden and his team will surprise you.

5 stars 5
Dr Loden and his staff we're very professional and thorough. Extremely informative over the procedure I was going to have and no pressure whatsoever to make a decision immediately. Highly recommend them.

5 stars Recommended
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5 stars 5
Each of the staff was informative and helpful.

4 stars 4
Was a rough start getting in and getting appointments scheduled and rescheduled but third time was a charm. Procedure was quick and painless and less than six hours later I'm seeing perfectly with no pain irritation or issues.

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