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5 stars 5
"Everything you ever wanted is on the opposite side of fear" Let that fear and anxiety disappear! I felt 100% safe the whole time I was having the treatment. Can't say enough good stuff about Dr. Loden and his staff, these people go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. The procedure took about 10 mins .... yeah that fast... and no pain. If you're on the fence about lasik or anything related to eyes. This is the place you wanna be at.

5 stars 5
I had an amazing experience with Dr Loden and his staff!! I was having some eye issues and I was looking for a one stop shop for all my eye care needs! I had trouble finding comprehensive eye care! Thats when I found Dr Loden and he completely exceeded my expectations!! LASIK was the best option for me and I was not pressured into it which I was amazed by! They truly had my best interest in mind to give me the best eyes that they could and I have come through this process with 20/15 vision. I couldnt recommend Dr Loden enough to anyone! Best eye care experience!

5 stars 5
Overall I would 100% recommend Loden Vision Centers. Here's my lists of Pros and Cons.Pros:*Most importantly-my vision is VASTLY improved 36 hours post-surgery as I write this. I was extremely nearsighted (think "coke bottle" glasses) and so far my vision is already much much better.*Very professional friendly staff. They are happy to answer any questions, and their financial coordinator even had an extended text conversation with me to coordinate my surgery date.*The technology is absolutely state of the art. Dr. Loden and the other doctors are highly educated and are absolutely skilled and qualified to perform iLASIK.*Day of surgery I was taken back immediately, offered medication for pain/relaxation, and assessed and treated promptly. I was probably at the center for 60 minutes total.*During the procedure Dr. Loden narrated what was happening and what I needed to do at every step. He also called me that evening to check on me and how my eyes were.*At my post-op appointment I was seen almost immediately after arriving. Everyone answered my questions, reiterated my post-op instructions, and ensured that I was comfortable before leaving.*The financial coordinators will work with you on financing options if you don't want to pay 100% up front.*There is flat fee pricing for iLASIK, regardless of how much "adjusting" you need done. (For me it was $2995 per eye.) Also your quoted price includes EVERYTHING for one year, all appointments, etc so you know exactly what you're getting into.Now the cons:*At my initial free consultation and my pre-op appointment with eye dilation, I waited approximately 60 minutes from my appointment time to the time I was seen.*When I scheduled my pre-op appointment for eye dilation, no one informed me that my eyes could be (and were) dilated for 24+ hours. That would have been nice to know!*There is a bit of a "hard sell." After my initial consultation, when it was determined I was a good candidate for iLASIK, I sat down with the financial coordinator. She immediately offered to schedule me for the procedure, explaining that we could "work backward" from there. I said I didn't want to schedule until I knew costs, and it was a little challenging before she finally told me the cost. Even after that, she still encouraged me to get on the surgery schedule, stating I could reschedule or change any time. (This is true. I had to reschedule twice b/c of my children's various activities, and everyone was extremely nice and helpful.)*This is a well-oiled machine, and because of this, I think they rush through post-op instructions after surgery. Everything was written down, which was helpful, but it would have helped me to have gone over the post-op instructions prior to surgery or take a little more time afterward (when do I take this med? How long should my nap be? etc.) At my one day post-op appt the assistant went over everything again more slowly and it was extremely helpful.The reality is this: Loden Vision Centers does good work. Dr. Loden is clearly an expert in his field. However, this is also a business, as LASIK is an elective surgery. Because of that, I encourage anyone who considers iLASIK to be a strong advocate for themselves. Ask lots of questions, the staff is happy to answer them! Don't be afraid to ask for more time. Do what you need to to feel comfortable before moving forward. I think everyone at Loden Vision Centers wants to provide the best possible customer service and medical care, but when you do the same eye surgery multiple times a week, you can forget that it's not all common sense for your patients.I am super happy I decided to get iLASIK and am very satisfied with Loden Vision Centers.

5 stars 5
Getting LASIK/PRK was the best decision I have made for myself. I no longer have to struggle with glasses or contacts. Everyone at the office is so nice and I definitely recommend getting this done if you are a candidate for it. I got the PRK surgery in August 2018 and I had no issues at all and have had no issues since. It was not painful for me (I went out that night) and everyone made me feel very comfortable in the laser room.

5 stars 5
I have been wanting to do LASIK for as long as I can remember and this has definitely exceeded my expectations. Dr Loden and his staff are amazing and answered every question I had. Every staff member was very friendly and although they were busy I felt well taken care of. They truly made my experience relaxing and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone interested! They are the best.

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